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Skipton Tutors is pleased to offer help and support for the GCSE English equivalency test to help people gain entry onto their training course. The GCSE equivalency tests are often taken by trainee teachers looking to gain entry onto a teacher training course or to complete their training and gain the qualified teacher status that enables them to work in UK schools as a qualified teacher. The equivalency tests are usually the last hurdle for prospective teachers to overcome. The maths and English exams are the most people GCSE equivalency tests that people tend to require.

The GCSE English equivalency test is based on the GCSE English language curriculum that is set by the UK government. It covers the core fundamentals of English language and prepares you for your teacher training course. The exam will test the core skills of spelling, grammar, punctuation and comprehension.

There are a number of English equivalency testing providers who also offer course materials to help with the preparation for the exam. The materials include revision cards and practice papers which show you how the exam is formatted. Most providers offer an online exam, but there are also paper based exams that you can select to do.

Depending on the equivalency testing provider you sit with the exam will last between 1.5 hours and 2 hours. The exam can be taken within your own home using a computer or laptop with a webcam and is invigilated by an Ofqual approved invigilator. Once the exam is completed, you need to send off the exam using a prepaid envelope provided by MME and should receive your results within 2 weeks.

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