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About Tutors in Keighley

Skipton Tutors is the best place to find a Maths, Science or English tutor in Keighley, for KS2 tuition up to and including A Level tuition.  

Our Keighley tutors will travel to you in Keighley for no extra cost and tutor a huge range of subjects from 11 plus to GCSE math all the way to A level Physics. By selecting Skipton Tutors you can be confident in the quality of the tuition your child will receive.

All of our tutors are trained, have a DBS check, and have experience in their chosen subject. This means that we can supply our tutors with confidence. Additionally if you don't think that your child has clicked with the tutor for any reason, you can contact us directly and avoid any awkwardness. We will always strive to provide the highest level of private tuition and matching the right tutor with each student is part of this process.

Maths Tuition in Keighley:

Our Keighley Maths tutors provide tuition for KS2 up to A Level Maths. In most cases our tutors specialise at each level but some times A Level Maths tutors will also tutor GCSE. The result of this is that we have experts at each level who have the experience and knowledge to help all of our pupils succeed in Maths. From trigonometry to complex algebra our GCSE Maths tutors are comfortable with it all. Therefore, whether it is a GCSE Maths tutor or A Level Maths you require support with, contact Keighley Tutors!  Book a maths tutor in Keighley today. 

English Tuition in Keighley:

Keighley Tutors provide expert ​English tuition at KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level for both English Language and English Literature. We also have specialist English tutors with the qualifications to provide tuition for those who have English as a second language or English as a foreign Language. The tutors in this area have had specialist training in order to provide the very best tuition. Therefore regardless of your English tuition requirements Keighley Tutors is the tuition agency to contact!


Science Tuition in Keighley:

Next to Maths and English, Science is often regarded as the next most important subject especially at GCSE level. Whether it is Biology, Chemistry or Physics, all of the Sciences are regarded as very difficult subjects to take at A Level but as a consequence of this Universities take note of those students who have selected them as it is acknowledged that it is very difficult to attain a top grade in any of the Science A levels. However with the support of an expert Keighley Science tutor we believe our pupils have an advantage when it comes to achieving higher grades in their Science exams. Whether you require help with your GCSE Biology or A Level Chemistry, contact Keighley Tutors and we will be more than happy to help.   

Contact Keighley Tutors today either by email or by phone to find out more about Tuition in Keighley and one of our team will get back to you within 24 hours. If you have any questions about the tutors or the tuition we provide then please do not hesitate to ask, we are here to help. Either submit the form below or call on 07792273887.

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Tuition Subjects in Keighley


KS2 English, KS2 Maths


KS3 English, KS3 Maths, KS3 Science

11 Plus:

Skipton Tutors provides 11 plus tuition from trained 11 Plus specialists


GCSE Maths, GCSE Biology, GCSE Chemistry, GCSE Physics, GCSE English Language, GCSE English Literature

A Levels

A Level Math's, A Level Chemistry, A Level Biology, A Level Physics, A Level Economics, A Level Psychology, A level Business Studies, A Level English Language and A Level English Literature.

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Keighley Tutors FAQ's

Can I have daytime lessons or is it all after schoolhours?

Many of our Tutors currently teach in schools, so naturally they will prefer to tutor after school hours. However, we do have a number of tutors that are happy to tutor during the day to suit the student.  

Can I get a GCSE Maths Tutor to travel to me in Keighley?

Yes, in most cases out Keighley GCSE Maths Tutors will be happy to travel to you at no additional cost to the tuition fee. 

Yes, this is one of our promises to you. All of our tutors are hand picked, and CRB/DBS checked before they are allowed to tutor through us, for your convenience and peace of mind.

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What our customers say about us 

At Keighley tutors were always striving to improve what we do and so we love hearing feedback from genuine parents and students.


Mags Conroy
GCSE Science and 11 Plus 

I am so very happy to have an opportunity to feedback about skipton tutors. My 17 year old daughter has had GCSE tuition over the past 2 years following a period of absence from school. Oliver managed to coax my daughter back into education and...

Fay Dutton
QTS Numeracy Test

Thank you for all your help with my QTS numeracy test. I would definitely recommend Skipton Tutors to anyone struggling with maths it really helped pinpoint areas I was having issues with...

Katie Wooley
GCSE English 

I passed! I got the C I needed and I checked the score board and I was way over the pass mark. So thank you for all your help. I meant to contact you earlier but I had work till 8. My brother didn't get his English and he's going...

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Book a Tutor in Keighley today

Contact Keighley tutors today to book your Science, Maths or English today. 

Or call us today on 020 8135 9130

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