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Functional Skills Level 2 Maths Revision Cards

Skipton Tutors offers 1-2-1 tuition in maths, science and English related subjects both online and in and around the town of Skipton. As part of our tuition service we are always looking out for the best resources and revision materials to recommend to our students and our functional skills tuition service is no different. 


Functional skills maths is a GCSE equivalent qualification that learners take when they haven’t obtained a GCSE grade C or level 4. This qualification enables people to apply for university courses and specific job roles. One of the main challenges with functional skills is breaking the content down into manageable chunks. An ideal resource that effectively does this is the MME functional skills maths level 2 revision cards as these break down the content into subtopics and work through them in a methodical way. 


The functional skills revision cards work through each topic area with a detailed explanation of how to do each question type. With each explanation there is a worked example that shows you exactly how to get to the correct answer. On the reverse of each card there is a practice question so that learners can test their understanding and application of knowledge. Revision cards can be a really effective way to revise. The following suggestions are ways that the revision cards can be used effectively:

  1. Simply work through the pack start to finish to get the full course coverage. 

  2. Split them into 3 piles; topics you know, topics you don’t know and topics and topics you are unsure of. 

  3. Quick fire revision with a friend testing you on each topic. 

  4. Full course coverage by methodically working through each topic, card by card. 


All in all the functional skills revision cards are a great way to prepare for the level 2 maths exam.

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