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11 Plus Tuition in Skipton

Whether you are looking for an 11 plus tutor for Ermysted's Grammar or Skipton Girls' High School, Skipton Tutors can help. We also offer 11 plus tuition for Clitheroe Grammar and Bradford Grammar Schools as well. Our 11 plus tutors in Skipton are all trained to specialise in the 11+. Our 11 plus tutors focus solely on providing the highest quality, one to one tuition which has been proven to produce exceptional results. Please take some time to browse our dedicated 11 plus page and if you have any questions or want to know more about the 11 plus tuition we provide then please get in touch. To get more information on the Skipton Tutors 11 plus mock exams please visit this page. 

Step 1.

Contact Skipton Tutors to book an expert 11 plus tutor.

Step 2.

We will match you with an experienced, qualified and DBS checked 11+ tutor in your area. Tuition is always 1-2-1. 

Step 3.

The eleven plus tutor will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the first lesson. 

About 11 Plus Tuition in Skipton

At Skipton Tutors we provide the highest level of private 11 plus coaching in the Skipton area. To view our terms and conditions, please go to our pricing page. To find out more about our 11 plus tuition service please continue to read. 


We offer exam specific tuition for the 11 plus entrance exams for a number of schools including: 11 plus tuition for Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton Girls' High School, Clitheroe Grammar, Bradford Grammar and Ripon Grammar. To find out more about the 11 plus tuition in Harrogate and surrounding areas please visit our Harrogate Tutors site. 


For specific information regarding the 11 plus mock exams we offer visit our dedicated 11+ mock page. If you are searching for information on Royal Clitheroe 11 plus tuition or Bradford Grammar 11+, then please visit their respective pages. You can also find information about North Halifax Grammar and Crossley Heath Grammar on the dedicated Halifax 11 plus page.


11 plus Tuition is very specific because the vast majority of the content for Ermysted's and the Girls' High is outside of the KS2 curriculum. Therefore those who are looking for an 11 plus tutor in Skipton should ensure that the tutor is well equipped to provide the tuition. To read more information about the 11+ specific content and exam structure visit our Schools Section which provides a little more detail about a number of Grammar schools in the Skipton, Yorkshire and Lancashire areas. Skipton Tutors provides 11+ tuition for all of the schools listed. 


At Skipton Tutors we have a number of 11 plus tutors in Skipton and the surrounding towns and villages. Many of our 11+ tutors travel for no additional cost. We can provide your child with high quality, one-to-one 11 plus tuition which we believe gives them the best chance of passing the relevant exams. All of our 11 plus tutors are trained, DBS checked and have experience in tutoring specifically for the 11 plus. We monitor all feedback from parents and constantly try to improve the service we provide. This premium service is reflected in our pricing but we believe it is still very good value for money.


We often get asked if a certain child is 'right' for the 11 plus and it is sometimes the case that they may not be suited to the revision process, in which case our 11 plus tutor will highlight this as early as possible so that parents have the choice to discontinue tuition sooner rather than later if the chances of passing are slim. If you would like any further details on the 11 Plus service that Skipton Tutors provides, get in touch today.

Admissions in to the Grammar Schools:

Please be aware that all the grammar schools for which Skipton Tutors provide 11 Plus tuition publish their own particular registration details. These are available to view at The North Yorkshire County Councils website


Please note that it is NOT the responsibility of Skipton Tutors to provide detailed, up to date information on the registration process which is why we advise parents to visit the North Yorkshire County Council website for all admissions related queries. You may also find useful information on the website regarding the respective school you are applying for, things such as opening evenings, events and exam dates

Eleven Plus Entrance Exams

Ermysted's Grammar School Skipton 11+ exams

Exam type: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: The top 28% of children from the Skipton catchment area set the pass mark. Places are given to all children in the catchment area who achieve above the pass mark. The remaining places are awarded to children that have achieved the pass mark in priority of distance form the school. 

For information regarding Emrysted mock 11 plus exams, follow the link. 

Skipton Girls' High School 11 plus exams

Exam Type: English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: The girls' high school have recently altered the type of examination so please make sure all materials are up to date and relevant. To find out more about our Skipton Girls' 11 plus Mock exams click here.

Ripon Grammar School 11 plus exams

Exam Type: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: This is a popular school; hence the competition for places is high. 

Halifax Grammar Schools (North Halifax Grammar and Crossley Heath)

Exam Type: Verbal Reasoning, Maths and an English creative written piece.

Additional Information: The Halifax 11+ entrance exams are super selective which means there is no catchment area, the highest marks gain entry in to the school. 

NEW: Halifax Grammar has proposed alterations to its examinations starting from 2016. The proposed changes result in the in the following weighting:

  • Maths- 35%

  • English- 35%

  • Verbal Reasoning- 30% 

Bradford Grammar 11 plus tuition | Exam information

Exam Type: English and Maths.

Additional Information: Past papers and assessment material can only be obtained through the school which makes preparation for the exam a little more challenging. Our tutors have access to this material and can guide your child through the preparation process. An additional note to make is that the exam is changing for this January and therefore the old exam materials will no longer be relevant.

Queen Elizabeth Penrith Grammar school

Exam Type: Non verbal, Verbal Reasoning and Maths

Additional Information: A popular Grammar School. 

Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School

Exam Type: Non verbal, Verbal Reasoning and Maths.

Additional Information: A difficult set of exams with a lot of material to cover. 

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

Exam Type: Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: Clitheroe is another popular Grammar school with a challenging 11 plus exam. To get specific information on 11 plus tuition for Clitheroe Grammar, visit our dedicated Clitheroe page.    

Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Exam Type: Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning.

Other Grammar Schools and Independent Schools:

We have an 11+ tutor with over 8 years of experience who has helped students gain entry into many different types of Grammar and Independent Schools across the country. If you would like to enquire about a specific school entrance exam then please Contact Us as we are happy to help.

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Skipton 11 Plus FAQ's

How do I book an 11 plus tutor in Skipton?

You simply call or email Skipton Tutors and we will arrange one of our specialist 11 plus tutors to call you back to discuss setting up the assessment session.

How much tuition does my child need?

This can vary widely. From the years of experience we have had delivering 11 plus tuition for Ermysted's and Skipton Girls' High School, we can see patterns with those who pass. From this we see that those who have 9 to 12 months tuition of 1 hour a week tend to perform very well. Having more than 12 months tuition doesn't appear to affect the pass rate but having less than 9 months does. However, every student is different, we have had students in the past who have had 4 months of intensive tuition and passed their 11 plus but often these children have been revising at home as well and are performing very well in their KS2 Maths and English studies.

You can quickly and easily book a place on the Skipton Tutors 11 plus mock exams by visiting our dedicated 11 plus mock page and submitting a contact form. 

Will my child pass the 11 plus?

This is a very difficult question to answer but one which we look to determine from the very first lesson. If your child starts 11 plus tuition and is struggling with the material or just the general stress of preparing for the exam then our tutors will highlight this as early as possible. Whether or not to continue the tuition will always be left up to you as a parent but our tutors will be open and honest about how your child is progressing and whether or not they are coping well with the 11 plus preparation.

When should we start 11 plus tuition?

When to start 11 plus tuition is a common question. We advise starting in September or October of year 5 giving students 10-12 months of one to one specialist tuition for the 11 plus entrance exams. More than 12 months and there seems to be no positive impact on pass success and less than 10 months and it doesn't leave enough time to cover the content and all the question types that can appear in the eleven plus exams. 

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Skipton Tutors 11 Plus Testimonials 



Jacob F: 


I just wanted to say a really big Thank you to Vandy for helping me through my tuition for Ermysted’s. I was late in going to see her but she worked out my abilities and set out my learning at a good pace. She was approachable, friendly and a good tutor. She made me feel very comfortable and I actually looked forward to going to see her on a school night. You were great and did a really good job with me and I smashed the exam! Thank you Vandy



We just wanted to pass on our sincere thanks to Frances, who assisted us in tutoring our son for his Ermysted’s exam during the Summer Holidays. She was amazing in her professional approach, she was extremely knowledgeable on everything plus her friendliness, encouraging, warm, welcoming approach to him was superb, building his confidence immensely. We would thoroughly recommend Frances to anyone wanting some help, superb! Needless to say he passed with flying colours, well done and thank you!

Joanna H: 


My twins are both delighted, as we are to have passed the Skipton Girls High and Ermysteds entrance exam.  I cannot speak highly enough of their  tutor Julia.  She went above and beyond to get them both through the entrance exam.  She is very professional in her approach and has great resources on hand to assist with learning.  My children are not naturally studious, however they never complained about doing their homework and in some instances actually enjoyed it!. Julia was enthusiastic, encouraging and extremely patient throughout. Julia definitely had her work cut out having to tutor 2 children for the different entrance exams but to her credit did an amazing job.  I cannot Thank her enough.  Thank you so much.


Tim P: 

Our daughter is delighted to have passed her exam for Skipton Girls' High School following a year's weekly tuition with Vandy. From the outset Vandy's experience and knowledge of both the subject matter and whole SGHS selection process was invaluable. Over the year our daughter's confidence and abilities in all three aspects of the test improved, particularly in maths which was her weakest subject to start with. Vandy got the balance just right between praising and encouraging what was going well, whilst not being afraid to be candid and honest about what needed improvement. Our daughter worked hard and looked forward to her lessons which showed to us that Vandy brought out the best in her. We would not hesitate to recommend Vandy as an 11 plus tutor.


Dean F:


Just a quick email to say Julia is fantastic and was a huge success with helping my daughter Grace pass the entrance exam. She is extremely professional, polite and courteous, thank you for all your help.



Frances B: 

Just to say a huge thank you to our tutor Vandy for helping our son get through his Ermysted’s entrance exam. Although we’d left it late to start tutoring, she quickly assessed his ability and tailored the sessions to suit him. She was approachable and flexible and her support and encouragement certainly helped him succeed. Thank you!

David M: 

Just a note to say thank you for all the work Laura has done to assist Henry, first with the Ermysteads entrance exam and more recently with his sats. Its all over now and we will not see Laura again for a while. Please thank her. She has been a delight to have on Wednesday evenings and has made a real difference to Henry’s confidence and abilities. Please keep us on the list for the coming season as Beatrice is now nine and eager to follow in her brothers footsteps. Laura is aware of our intention to give Beatrice the same support as Henry has enjoyed so we expect to see her back later this year.

Jillian C:

Both my husband and I highly recommend Vandy as an 11+ tutor. Our son instantly gelled to Vandy and felt very comfortable with her from the very beginning. She carefully coached Daniel throughout the year knowing exactly when to push him and when to rest him and this weekend we have just received the amazing news that Daniel didn't just pass the 11+ but passed it with 51 more marks than was actually required. You are a wonderful tutor Vandy and we are so very grateful for all the effort you put in for our son.

Jane Y: 

Hi, Feedback r/e Vandana Khullar: Vandy has been tutoring our son for the last year as he prepared for the Ermysteds entrance exam. We had wonderful news this week when my son's results came back. He had achieved a super score of 70 marks over the pass mark and we were all delighted. I would definitely recommend Vandy to anyone looking for an 11+ tutor.

Wendy B: 

Hello I just wanted to say thank you again for organising Shaun to step in at such short notice to tutor my son for the 11+ after our original tutor, from a different agency went awol. Shaun is a great teacher and not only did my son learn a lot from him but he enjoyed every session too.

Emma S: 

​We have had support for the past 12 months for the 11 plus exam as our daughter wants to go to Skipton girls high school. We are so pleased with input our daughter has had and we would be happy to recommend your service to anyone. We will be in touch again once Jake is ready for tutoring for the boys school. 

Sarah I: 

Laura has for the past year tutored our daughter for the SGHS 11+ examination. Laura was well organised and prepared with appropriate material and resource. She used these effectively to coach and assess our daughter, identify weaknesses and strengths and build knowledge in areas required.

Alison M:

We are delighted with the support you have given our son for the 11 plus. He is really looking forward to going to Ermysted's and couldn't have done it without you. We will be recommending Skipton Tutors to our neighbours and friends.

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