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11 Plus Tutors in Halifax

Halifax Tutors is pleased to provide expert 11 plus tuition for Halifax North and Crossley Heath Grammar Schools. If you are looking for an 11 plus tutor in Halifax then we are hear to help. All of our 11 plus tutors are trained, qualified and DBS checked so they are in a great position to offer the very best one to one 11 plus tuition. Therefore if you are looking for an eleven plus tutor in Halifax for either of the selective schools then contact us today to receive the very best support and advice. 

Step 1.

Contact Skipton Tutors to book an expert 11 plus tutor in Halifax.

Step 2.

We will match you with an experienced, qualified and DBS checked 11+ tutor in Halifax. Tuition is always 1-2-1. 

Step 3.

The 11+ tutor will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the first lesson. 

About 11 Plus Tutors in Halifax

We have expert 11 plus tutors who tutor for the following schools:

If you are considering entering your child into any 11 plus entrance exam in North or West Yorkshire then get in touch today and we will be happy to help. We have expertise in helping students to get into each of the schools listed above. We also offer professionally organised 11 plus mock exams for many grammar schools, you can apply for these separately through our dedicated mock 11 plus page.

The following pricing reflects the experience and knowledge of our 11 plus tutors in Halifax. All of our 11 plus tutor in Halifax have been trained to offer this tuition to a very high standard. Having the experience and in depth understanding of what is contained within the 11 plus exams is essential as much of the content sits outside of the KS2 curriculum. If you are looking for an 11 plus tutor in Halifax, contact us today. 



Halifax 11 Plus Tuition


Halifax Grammar Schools 11 Plus Exam Format

North Halifax Grammar Introduction

The North Halifax Grammar School is a large selective school which requires students to pass in order to gain entry. Places are only offered to the students with the highest scores; therefore it is what we call a super selective school as they do not take into account catchment area.

More about the School

North Halifax Grammar has been awarded a high-performing specialist school with a main specialism in science and a second specialism in modern languages. The school has achieved a number of awards highlighting its excellence. This is also evident in the over application to the school with about 5 applicants top each place available, making it extremely competitive.

11 Plus exam format

The exam is made up of a Verbal reasoning GL assessment paper, a Maths paper which is Witten by the school with questions stretching up to GCSE level and an extended writing test which is used to help decide which borderline students are allowed in.

Crossley Heath Grammar School Exam Format

Crossley Heath currently has over 1100 students in Years 7-13. The school is really competitive and they are hugely oversubscribed every year as they offer less than 200 places.

More about the School

Crossley Heath has a strong culture of the odler students helping the younger students and like other Grammar schools in the area it is a high performing school in terms of eacdemic results.

11 Plus exam format

Crossley Heaths has the same exam format as North Halifax and all the other Grammar Schools in the Calderdale region.

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Halifax 11 Plus FAQ's

Do your 11 plus tutors in Halifax travel?

Some of our 11 plus tutors travel whilst others work from home. Because there is no difference in price parents usually opt for a travelling 11+ tutor and as a result these places are filled up first. 

How do I book an 11 plus tutor in Halifax?

You can either call us to discuss the 11 plus tuition we provide or submit a contact form and we will call you. We will then pass your details onto a expert 11 plus tutor who will then help your child to prepare for either North Halifax or Crossley Heath, or both if you wish. 

What are your 11 plus pass rates?

Our pass rates for all the 11 plus schools we tutor for are extremely high. One consideration that parents must have is that we identify those students who are not suited to the 11 plus very early on and we inform parents when we identify this. However we give parents the choice of whether or not to continue with the tuition and more often than not they decide to continue which obviously impacts on pass rates. Even given this we maintain an exceptionally high pass rate across all 11 plus schools including the Halifax Grammars. 

What is the content of the Maths and English in the 11 plus?

The 11 plus for Halifax North Grammar and Crossley Heath Grammar both contain a lot of Maths and English that sit outside of the key stage two curriculum. From the introduction of basic algebra to GCSE Level Maths and comprehension, there is a lot to cover. All of our of our 11 plus tutors are up to speed with what both set of exams contain. 

Is my child suited to eleven plus tuition??

Not every child is suited to the 11 plus entrance exams and preparation that goes with them. The regular tuition required to pass the exams and additional homework set can put some children under too much pressure. Our Halifax 11 plus tutors provide feedback and genuine advice from the very first lesson. If your child is struggling with the demands of the 11 plus tuition then this will be communicated and the decision to end the tuition will be left with you. The upfront and honest feedback we provide is one of the reasons our 11 plus service is the largest in the North and West Yorkshire area. 

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Book an 11 Plus Tutor in Halifax

Contact Halifax Eleven Plus Tutors today and we will be happy to help.

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