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Professional QTS Skills Tests | Skipton Numeracy Skills Test


About QTS Tuition in Skipton

Prospective teachers must pass the Numeracy and Literacy Skills tests in order to qualify to start Initial Teacher Training. These tests are often referred to as the QTS tests. 


Skipton Tutors offers tuition, help and support to candidates by helping them to prepare for the Professional Numeracy Skills Test, also called the QTS exams in Maths, English and Science. Our aim is to get people numeracy ready for the professional skills exam.

For QTS Maths tuition outside of the Skipton, visit the national tutoring site QTS Maths Tutor. For online QTS Maths tuition please also visit QTS Maths Tutor, who also offer free numeracy skills tests alongside skills test practice questions. 

The Numeracy Skills | PGCE Maths Test:

What does the numeracy skills test consist of?

  • There are two parts to the QTS Maths test, the Mental Arithmetic Questions and on Screen written questions.

  • The exam lasts for around 48 minutes for both sections.

  • The mental arithmetic section of the QTS has 12 questions, each of which are read out twice and you have 18 seconds to answer after the questions has finished being asked the second time.

  • For those candidates who have dyslexia, you are able to apply for additional time and the standard 25% additional time given in most exams is often applied to the QTS Maths Papers.

  • For the on screen QTS questions, there are 16 questions in total for this section.

  • For the second part of the QTS Maths test you want to spend around 2 minutes per question.

What Numeracy Skills Book do we recommend

At Skipton Tutors we are pleased to help people prepare for their professional skills test. Out of the two tests the numeracy skills test tends to be the one that people struggle with most and this is reflected in the pass rates nationwide. As part the revision process for the skills tests many people opt to purchase a numeracy skills test book. We recommend that anyone looking to purchase a qts skills book considers buying ‘Pass your Numeracy Skills Test’ by QTS Maths Tutor. For more skills test practice then visit the site directly. 

What Maths methods are important for the QTS Maths test?
  • Fraction, decimal and percentage conversions.

  • Long multiplication and division

  • Times tables up to 10.

  • Long addition

  • Multiplication and division of decimals.

  • Cumulative frequency, box plots and averages.

  • Time, money, measurement and currency conversion using ratio techniques.

Can I use a calculator for the QTS Maths exam?

You aren't allowed to take your own calculator and there are no calculators allowed in the first part of the QTS Maths exam but there is an on screen calculator provided for the second part of the test.

What does QTS Maths tuition look like?

Skipton Tutors offers expert numeracy skills test tuition to help you become numeracy ready. Most lessons last an hour and are always on a one to one basis. We have really high numeracy skills pass rates. Most students opt for around 5 to 10 lessons to ensure they pass but some have as few as 3. 


How do I set up QTS Maths tuition/ How do I organise a QTS Maths Tutor?


Contact Skipton Tutors today and we will be happy to provide you with advice on the QTS Maths exam and organise a specialist QTS Maths tutor. All of our QTS Maths tutors have had specialist training to help with exam technique and the methods used to help students to pass the test.


What advice would you give to someone preparing for the numeracy skills test?

Revise hard and do not panic on the day. The biggest mistake many people make is attempting the test before they are ready as they know they have three attempts. The pressure then starts to mount for the second test and if this isn't passed people then often panic into finding a QTS tutor. Our advice is that if you are not confident in passing the QTS Maths test, then find a tutor earlier to overcome the difficulties you are having so that you can go in to your first attempt feeling much more confident and equipped to past the test. Do not be embarrassed about struggling with these Maths questions or methods, just because you have read it is to GCSE Maths standard. Nearly 50% of all tuition given in the UK is related to Maths because so many people struggle with it. We have had candidates pass their QTS Maths exam whilst initially struggling with fraction and percentage conversions. With hard work and the right support most people are capable of passing the test.


How many times can I sit the qts numeracy skills test?

These rules have changes in 2018 so for all professional QTS skills test changes and updates visit.. 

Where can I find QTS Maths Practise tests?

There are limited resources available for the QTS Maths test. However, we know that QTS Maths are developing sets of practise tests suitable for the numeracy skills test. Alongside the QTS Maths tests will be revision materials and guidance notes to help you practise and overcome the difficult areas of the test. There are other providers such as QTS Maths and Numeracy Ready and GA Educadium but these all offer inferior tests. To get a QTS Maths Tutor discount code

QTS Maths Tuition Locations

Skipton tutors provides A Level Maths tuition in the following locations and the surrounding area.

Follow the links above to find out more about tuition in that location


What our customers say

Lisa Wright, Skipton

QTS Maths

" I was initially reluctant to arrange tuition for the QTS Maths test, but after struggling with the online practise tests I decided it was probably the best option. Having contacted Skipton Tutors they were very helpful and didn't insist on any length of tuition. We took it a week at a time and after 5 weeks of lessons I felt ready to sit the QTS Maths exam for real. I did and I passed. I am really appreciative for all the help you gave me."

Deborah Black, Skipton

QTS Maths

"I absolutely hated Maths at school and having looked at the QTS Maths test I knew I was going to find the whole thing quite distressing. I contacted Skipton Tutors and spoke with Oliver who reassured me that with a few tutorials I would get back into the swing of Maths and that I wouldn't find the QTS exam to daunting. He was right and after 4 booster lessons I decided to book the exam and I passed first time! Thank you so much!"

Ben Taylor, Skipton.

QTS Maths

"QTS Maths tuition wasn't as daunting as I expected. I re-learnt the basics from my GCSE days and improved up on my methods to helps with the timing in the exam and it really helped. I also found the 20 QTS Maths exams you suggested really useful in judging my progress. Having failed the exam twice before I received the tuition I was pleased I arranged it before my third test."

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QTS Maths Tutor

QTS Maths Tutor provides numeracy skills practice tests which mimic the government exams. 

QTS Maths tutor provides 21 practice tests, 8 revision topic tests, worked solutions to all tests and video solutions to the government tests all for £19.99 

Book a Numeracy Skills Tutor Today

Contact Skipton Tutor Today to book a Numeracy Skills Tutor or for more information on the QTS Maths Test or professional literacy skills test. 

Or call us today on 01756 532103

QTS Literacy Tutor

Skipton Tutors also offers private one to one tuition for the Literacy Skills Test, through our partner site QTS Literacy Tutor. QTS Literacy Tutor has 10 practise tests, exam solutions and plenty more to help you pass your Literacy Skills Test. Not only that, QTS Literacy Tutor offers market leading tuition, delivered by Literacy Skills Test experts, who have helped hundreds of people pass this test before you.


Pass your Literacy Skills Test in 3 simple steps:

Try the FREE practise test today

Book a Literacy Skills Test Expert Tutor

Pass your Literacy Skills Test!

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