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Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Tutors

Skipton Tutors is pleased to provide expert 11 plus tuition for the Bradford Grammar 11 plus exam. Although BGS is a fee paying school they do have an entrance exam which all students must pass in order to gain entry into the school. At Skipton Tutors we have years of experience in helping children to pass the Bradford Grammar 11 plus entrance exam. We have a team of qualified, experienced and DBS checked 11 plus tutors who also have exceptional pass rates. If you are looking for a Bradford Grammar 11 plus tutor then contact Skipton Tutors today. 

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Contact Skipton Tutors to book an expert Bradford Grammar 11 plus tutor. 

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We will match you with an experienced, qualified and DBS checked 11+ tutor in Bradford. Tuition is always 1-2-1. 

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The 11+ tutor will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the first lesson. 

About Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Tutors 

Is your child preparing for the Bradford Grammar 11 plus? Are you looking for an 11 plus tutor for the Bradford Grammar entrance exam? Well Skipton Tutors can help.

We have experienced 11 plus tutors who have been trained and selected to offer the best one to one 11 plus tuition available. Our Bradford Grammar 11 plus tutors specialise in the subject content and tutoring students of this age group to help them pass the entrance exam. We have pupils from all over the Bradford district including areas such as Bradford city centre, Keighley, Bingley, Shipley and Skipton. Our tutors are always professional and if they think a child is struggling with the content or workload associated with the 11 plus exam preparation, then they will highlight this as soon as it is evident so that parents can decide whether or not to continue with the tuition. If you are looking for an expert 11 plus tutor for Bradford Grammar School or you want more information about the entrance exams then contact us today. 

Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Exam Content and Assessment

The exam content for Bradford Grammar 11 plus sits outside of the curriculum in the most part. There is a Maths and English exam but the content for these go all the way up to GCSE level so KS2 students sitting these exams won't be familiar with a lot of the content. There is also a creative writing piece that students have to undertake which changes from year to year. The exams usually take place in the morning and then in the afternoon the children usually participate in practical assessments with a member of the senior leadership team, often the school head. 

Bradford Grammar Admissions and Opening Days

The applications for 2020 entry into the BGS close at the start of the year. It is usually the first Monday back after the Christmas holidays when the application deadline is set, with the BGS 11 plus exams taking place around 2 weeks later.

The Bradford Grammar open days are put on at different times of the year. Please visit the Bradford Grammar website for dates. 



Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Tuition


Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Exam Information

Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Exam

This Bradford Grammar School Entrance Examination consists of an English comprehension, a piece of English creative writing, and a Maths paper. The selection procedure takes place over the course of a day. The pupils sit the entrance exam and then take part in lessons and group activities with other candidates to see how they would fit in with the school.

Bradford Grammar 11 Plus Coaching

The Bradford Grammar 11 plus coaching programme we offer isn't for every child, just like the school itself isn't suited to every child's needs. Our 11 plus tutors know this which is why they set out from the very start of the tuition by providing honest feedback. Our 11 plus tutors will look to assess to see if a child is suited to the 11 plus lessons, homework programme as well as the general pace of work required to keep up with the workload set at Bradford Grammar.

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Bradford Grammar School 11 Plus FAQ's

What is the pass mark for the Bradford Grammar School 11 plus exam?

This is very difficult to say as the school take into account a number of factors including individual performance across all the 11 plus papers. Children should just focusing on doing the best on the day and enjoying the rest of the activities. 

What are the best 11 plus resources for the Bradford Grammar School entrance exam?

The best resources are past papers. Some parents go to WHSmiths and purchase 11 plus materials for their child to practise with; the issue with this is that 11 plus exams vary widely in terms of their content from school to school so it is likely to be of limited use if it is not specifically for Bradford Grammar. 

When is it best to start 11 plus tuition for the Bradford Grammar School entrance exam?

Generally the more 11 plus tuition a child receives the better their chances of passing the exam. However we do not recommend more than 12 months tuition as this should be sufficient to cover all areas of the exam in depth and give the opportunity for plenty of practise. Mot parents book for 10-12 months of tuition usually starting as their child begins year 5. 

How do I apply for Bradford Grammar School?

You can visit the Bradford Grammar website directly for information on admissions procedure and how to apply. 

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Bradford Grammar Eleven Plus Tutors Feedback

At Skipton Tutors we collect feedback from students and parents for tuition in all of the subjects we offer. Below is a sample of that feedback.  


Mags Conroy
GCSE Science and 11 Plus 

I am so very happy to have an opportunity to feedback about skipton tutors. My 17 year old daughter has had GCSE tuition over the past 2 years following a period of absence from school. Oliver managed to coax my daughter back into education and...

Fay Dutton
QTS Numeracy Test

Thank you for all your help with my QTS numeracy test. I would definitely recommend Skipton Tutors to anyone struggling with maths it really helped pinpoint areas I was having issues with...

Katie Wooley
GCSE English 

I passed! I got the C I needed and I checked the score board and I was way over the pass mark. So thank you for all your help. I meant to contact you earlier but I had work till 8. My brother didn't get his English and he's going...

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