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Maths Tutors in Skipton

Skipton Tutors is the leading maths tuition provider in Skipton. Our expert maths tutors in Skipton are DBS checked, qualified and experienced. We cover all levels of maths from primary all the way up to A level. We have tutors who will travel to you to deliver the private tuition in your home and we also have tutors who have professional set ups so that you can travel to them. Our maths tutors cover Skipton and the surrounding areas including Keighley, Ilkley and everywhere between. Our maths tuition is always 1-2-1 and we only provide tutors who have exceptional feedback. If you are looking for a local maths tutor in your area, contact Skipton Tutors. 

Maths Tuition in Skipton | KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level

Step 1.

Step 2.

We will match you with an experienced, qualified and DBS checked maths tutor in your area. Tuition is always 1-2-1. 

Step 3.

The maths tutor will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the first lesson. 

Skipton Tutors Maths Testimonials

Average Tuition Feedback Score:


Heather M

GCSE Maths Tuition in Skipton

The GCSE maths tuition and support that Janet provided was exceptional. From the first lesson she provided feedback on Max's progress and was really supportive throughout. Max has always hated maths and although he still isn't a fan Janet made him engage and ensure he passed his GCSE which was exactly what we were aiming for. Skipton tutors were really helpful in getting the tuition set up, thanks for all your help.  

Matin G

A Level Maths Tuition in Skipton

Finding a qualified A level maths teacher in Skipton was no easy feat, having tried online platforms and websites and had no luck we decided to speak with Skipton tutors as they were local. We are pleased to say we managed to get set up with Lindsay, an experienced A level maths tutor and she has been great for our son. We highly recommend this service. 

Rachel M

GCSE Maths and Science Tuition, Skipton

When my son started his GCSE's we looked for a tutor who could help support him with Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Whilst these were subjects that he is good at his ambition is to be a Dentist and as such we knew he needed to acheive the very best that he could in all four subjects. Our first meeting with Oliver he spoke to Joe to make sure he understood the commitment he would need to give and that this was very much a two way thing. My son had two years in total with Oliver the first year being subject specific the second being more mentoring where Joe could flag any problem areas and concentrate on specifics if he was finding anything particularly challenging. He found the his tutor sessions enjoyable, he could relate to Oliver and found his method of teaching made problem areas so much easier. Oliver also gave him great advice on revision and exam technique. With the new Maths GCSE we were concerned at the changes and what that would mean to his expected grades. We were all delighted when he achieved an 8 (A*) and we do believe we have Oliver to thank for helping him do that. In addition he also achieved an A* Physics, A Chemistry and B in Biology. Thanks again Oliver, we shall be sure to contact you again now he is embarking on his A Levels.

Adam W

KS2 Maths in Addingham

We were delighted when we were introduced to Anthony through Skipton Tutors. Anthony is a really calm and patient tutor who has helped my son come on leaps and bounds since his operation. Our son is now fully up to speed with the curriculum and is looking forward to sitting his SATs this year, to show everyone what he can do! Thank you Skipton Tutors.  

Fay D

QTS Numeracy Test/ QTS Maths Test Skipton

Thank you for all your help with my QTS numeracy test. I would definitely recommend Skipton Tutors to anyone struggling with maths it really helped pinpoint areas I was having issues with

Catherine T

From the very first conversation I had with Oliver I knew Skipton Tutors were going to be the right choice of tutor for my sixteen year old son who was studying for his maths GCSE.

Choosing a tutor is a very important decision and I particularly liked the fact that Oliver acknowledged that point and confirmed that he would await our feedback after the first session as to whether or not we wished to continue with him.

Oliver arrives promptly each week and gets straight down to business. His goes about the session in a very professional manner but also injects humour at times to lighten the mood.

His rapport with my son was excellent. As well as tutoring, he also talked to him about how important exam results are and how they impact on your future - things you say as a parent that often fall on deaf ears.

My son's feedback on his tutoring is that he thoroughly enjoyed his weekly hour with Oliver and felt that his support was invaluable and without a doubt helped him to secure the A grade that he achieved.

I would certainly recommend Oliver as a tutor to my family and friends and I wish him every success for the future.

Catherine Trimble

Vicky E

GCSE Maths in Embsay

“We highly recommend the tutors at Skipton. Our tutor motivated my son and helped him achieve his potential, getting an A* in Maths GCSE, plus six more  A*s and three B grades.

The teaching style was very professional, he was approachable and made the sessions enjoyable. My son was able to relate well to the tutor and found his advice and guidance invaluable”  Vicki and George

Marian S

KS3 Maths in Guiseley

Oliver is the perfect match for Will, exactly what we were looking for and they clicked straight away.

Oliver knows where to help Will in the time we have - before the year 8 assessment. We are delighted.

Claire D

GCSE Maths in Cowling

"Oliver is a great tutor - very reliable and my son likes him. Oliver is able to engage my son and help him focus on his work, which is exactly what I wanted from a tutor.

He also makes the sessions enjoyable and my son looks forward to his visits.

I would certainly recommend Skipton tutors and in particular Oliver for any parent who wants their child to progress with their studies  "

Melanie B

GCSE Maths in Gargrave

"Oliver has shown an enthusiastic and positive approach with Rory from the outset. He has motivated Rory with his energy and can connect with him because of his age.


Rory enjoys his hourly session and is gaining confidence as each week goes by. Thank you Skipton Tutors"

Amy C

GCSE Maths Tuition in Earby

"I am an adult learner and I have found Skipton Tutors to be an excellent tutoring company. I had to re-sit my Maths GCSE and they were extremely helpful!

The Maths tutor, David has shown patience and has been very understanding towards me.

I have already recommended him to my friends, who have found him to be very helpful. I am really pleased to recommend Skipton Tutors as an exceptional tutoring ageny"

Frances B

GCSE Maths, Physics and Biology in Cononley

My son received tuition from Oliver in preparation for his Maths, Physics and Biology GCSEs.


We were highly delighted that he obtained A grades in all three subjects.

The standard of the tuition provided in all three subjects was outstanding.


Oliver combines a complete mastery of his subjects with a pleasant ,structured and relevant approach to tuition.My son enjoyed his sessions with Oliver and has already booked a course of  tuition for Biology A level for the new academic year.


I unreservedly recommend Oliver as an exceptional tutor.

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KS2 Maths Tutors in Skipton

Our key stage two maths tutors are all background checked and interviewed before working with us. We monitor feedback on all of our tutors and only continue to work with those who consistently help their students progress. 

  • As well as KS2 maths tuition we also provide SATs preparation and specialist 11 plus tuition.

  • Our KS2 maths tuition is charged at £40 per session.

  • Our 11 plus is £40 per session.

  • We have primary tutors who travel and others who work from home. There is no difference in price.   

KS3 Maths Tutors in Skipton

Our KS3 maths tutors in Skipton are qualified, experienced and DBS checked. They are fully up to speed with the most recent curriculum changes. Whether your child is struggling with the basic concepts of algebra or they want to progress with the complexities of simultaneous equations, our maths tutors can help.

The key points relating to our KS3 maths tuition in Skipton are:

  • We charge £40 per session for key stage three maths tuition which is inclusive of travel.

  • We have some tutors who work from home and others who travel out.

  • Our KS3 maths tuition is always delivered on a one to one basis. 

GCSE Maths Tutors in Skipton

Our GCSE maths tutors in Skipton are passionate about helping everyone of our pupils. All of our GCSE maths tutors are confident with teaching the new curriculum and helping students to achieve their full potential. From covering the content such as vectors and surds, to helping with past paper practice, our GCSE Maths tutors in Skipton offer a holistic approach that has seen average grade increases of 1.5 based on predicted grades.  

The key points relating to our GCSE maths tuition in Skipton are:

  • We charge £40 per session for GCSE maths tuition. 

  • We have some GCSE tutors who work from home and others who travel to you. 

  • All of our private maths tuition in Skipon is offered on a one to one basis and is always face to face. 

A Level Maths Tutors in Skipton

Our A Level maths tutors in Skipton are very experienced and are enthusiastic about helping every student who uses our service. Whether it is pure, core or mechanics that your child requires help with our A Level maths tutors will be able to provide the help they need. 

The key points relating to our A Level maths tuition in Skipton are:

  • We charge £40 per lesson with lessons lasting an hour. Longer lessons can be arranged if required.

  • Our A Level maths tutors travel to you to provide face to face maths tuition.  

  • We provide help with content and exam technique.

  • We offer online maths tutors through our partner service for those living in really remote areas.  

Maths Testimonials

Maths Tuition Locations

Skipton Tutors offers Maths tuition in the following areas: 

Follow the links above to find out more about tuition in your location. For maths tuition services in other locations across the region, please follow the links below. 

Maths Tuition FAQ's

How do I go about booking a Maths tutor near me?

Booking a local Maths tutor has never been easier, simply give us a ring or fill out a quick enquiry form and we will do all the work for you. 

Are you able to provide a Maths tutor near me?

At Skipton Tutors we cover the whole of the Skipton area and neighbouring villages. So, whether you require a local Maths tutor in Barnoldswick, Gargrave or even Keighley, Skipton Tutors has a local Maths tutor for you. 

Are you local maths tutors DBS checked?

All of our local maths tutors in Skipton have been thoroughly background checked, hold an up to date DBS, have been interviewed and handpicked to ensure we only provide the very best local maths tutors in Skipton. 

Are your tutors up to speed with the recent changes to the A Level Maths course?

Yes all of our A Level Maths tutors are able to teach the new course including core, mechanics and statistics.

What GCSE grades do I need to be able to do A Level Maths

This is determined by the individual school but most schools are now asking for a minimum grade 7 at GCSE in order for pupils to be able to continue on to do A Level Maths. 

How does A Level Maths tuition work?

Well this is dependent on the individual student but all of our tutors look to follow a similar structure which is they will provide exceptional support in the form of one hour a week. The tuition is always one to one and relevant work will be set to reinforce what has been covered.

Do your Maths tutors in Skipton travel to me?

Skipton Tutors is able to provide Maths tutors that travel to all areas of Skipton and the surrounding areas and villages at no additional cost to the price of the tuition. 

How good are your GCSE Maths tutors?

Skipton Tutors provides only the very best Maths tutors in the area. Ever tutor that is provided by Skipton Tutors has been put through a thorough recruitment process, to ensure that they meet our high standards. If you would like to book one of our expert tutors, contact us today

What are the common GCSE Maths topics that students struggle with?

The topics students struggle with varies but 3 common ones are how to calculate a percentage, the cosine rule and trigonometry. How to calculate a percentage is crucial in GCSE as it appears in many sub topics such as percentage change and calculating original values. Both the cosine rule and trigonometry are triangle rules which also play a significant part in the GCSE maths syllabus. 

Do your Maths tutors have experience with my exam board?

Yes all of our maths tutors in Skipton have experience teaching the major exam boards at A level and GCSE. 

How do I book a Skipton maths tutor?

Call or email us and we will discuss the needs of your child and look to arrange a suitable maths tutor. 

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