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Terms and Conditions


Our prices reflect the experience of our tutors and the fact that we provide a high quality service that is proven to achieve results. Our one to one tuition provides students with an opportunity to excel and progress in all areas, not just the subject being tutored.

The prices above are all inclusive of the preparation work, the lesson, the homework set and any material provided. There may be additional costs if the tutor has to travel a significant distance outside of Skipton but this will be agreed prior to setting up any course of tuition.


If you are unclear about our pricing or require any further information please contact us on 01756 532103, or email us by clicking HERE


Please note that prices can change from time to time and due to the level of demand.



The sessions can take place where ever the pupil feels most comfortable and where there is an appropriate learning environment. We cover many areas around Skipton, North Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and even into Lancashire and our tutors often travel with no additional cost.



Skipton Tutors Terms and Conditions



If you need to cancel a lesson we ask that you give at least a week's notice; however we do understand that this is not always possible. Therefore we require a minimum of 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson without incurring any costs. If the lesson is cancelled later than this, the full lesson fee will be charged. You should contact your tutor directly to cancel a lesson.


Payment for the lessons is taken by bank transfer before each lesson every week.

11 Plus Terms and Conditions

Our general 11 Plus terms and conditions are as follows. Please note that each tutor may have a slightly different version of the terms outlined below depending on the individual tuition they provide. Please read the terms you are handed on the first lesson to ensure you are happy with what they outline. 

  1. The length of a standard lesson is one hour.

  2. The cost of a one to one lesson is £35. Where two pupils share a lesson the cost is £25 per pupil or £50 per hour. This includes all preparation for the lesson, the materials used in the lesson, the one to one tuition itself and all homework and marking associated with that particular lesson. Please note that I do not provide materials in lieu of cancelled lessons. However, I am happy to provide a list of materials suitable for taking on holiday for the child to use under the supervision of a parent.

  3. Payment is due four weeks in advance. There will be no charge for a lesson cancellation PROVIDED I AM GIVEN FORTY EIGHT HOURS’ NOTICE OF THIS. The cost of such a cancellation will be credited to the next four week’s fees. Failure to give forty eight hours’ notice will result in the full cost of the lesson being incurred. In the event of extreme weather conditions preventing attendance at lessons, the lesson will be rearranged at a mutually convenient time.

  4. Regular attendance at weekly lessons is expected. I reserve the right to cancel the course of lessons of a pupil whose attendance is erratic. TUITION CONTINUES THROUGHOUT THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS WITH THE EXCEPTION OF BANK HOLIDAYS. Prolonged absence of more than two consecutive weeks will incur the usual charge in order to maintain your child’s weekly place.

  5. Please note that you have been allocated a particular time slot for your child’s tuition. If your child is late for his/her lesson, that lesson will still finish at your allotted finishing time.

  6. Enrolment upon a course of tuition implies an acceptance of the above conditions.


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