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11 Plus Tutors in Clitheroe

Clitheroe Tutors is the best place to find a private 11 plus tutor in Clitheroe. Our 11+ tutors are trained to offer excellent tuition that is tailored to the individual student and specific to the Clitheroe Royal Grammar school. We have extensively researched the requirements for the Clitheroe Royal Grammar School and our 11 plus tuition is focused on helping students pass the eleven plus entrance exam to gain entry into this school. All of our 11 plus tutors are qualified, experienced, DBS checked and have exceptional pass rates.   

Step 1.

Contact Skipton Tutors to book an expert 11 plus tutor in Clitheroe.

Step 2.

We will match you with an experienced, qualified and DBS checked 11+ tutor in your area. Tuition is always 1-2-1. 

Step 3.

The 11+ tutor will contact you to arrange a suitable time for the first lesson. 

About 11 Plus Tutors in Clitheroe

The 11 plus subject material for Clitheroe Grammar is outside of the curriculum so many students do not get the right preparation for the exam in their respective primary schools. Our Clitheroe eleven plus tutors have researched the exam requirements for Clitheroe Grammar and are confident in delivering the correct 11 plus tuition to a very high standard giving our pupils the best chances of passing the exam.


At Clitheroe Tutors we also provide 11 Plus mock exams for Clitheroe Royal Grammar School which help prepare students for the real thing. Our 11 plus mock exams are authentic and provide a realistic examination experience which helps students to become familiar with formal examination practises. For more information on our 2020 11 plus mock exams for Clitheroe Grammar visit our dedicated page. 

By selecting Clitheroe Tutors you can be confident in the quality of the tuition your child receives. All of our eleven plus tutors are DBS checked, trained specifically for the 11 Plus and have the right qualifications. 

All of our tutors are trained, have a DBS check, and have experience in their chosen subject. This means that we can supply our tutors with confidence. Additionally if you don't think that your child has clicked with the tutor for any reason, you can contact us directly and avoid any awkwardness. We will always strive to provide the highest level of private tuition and matching the right tutor with each student is part of this process.



Clitheroe 11 Plus Tuition


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Clitheroe 11 Plus Tuition | 11+ Tutors in Clitheroe

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School is a high achieving secondary school situated at the heart of Clitheroe. It suits students that have proven to be strong achievers at Key Stage 2. Clitheroe Royal Grammar School is the number one secondary school chosen by over 40 primary schools within it's catchment area and beyond. The main school now has 750 pupils. If you wish to make an enquiry regarding whether your son or daughter is suited to the Clitheroe entrance exam contact us today, to speak to our helpful and friendly tuition team. Clitheroe Tutors provides expert private 11+ tuition for many schools including Royal Clitheroe Grammar School. Our tutors have researched in depth the requirements of the exam and are confident in delivering an exceptional level of tuition giving our pupils the best chances of passing the 11+ exam. 

Clitheroe 11 Plus FAQ's

Do your 11 Plus tutors in Clitheroe have an up to date DBS?

Skipton Tutors only provide tutors who have been thoroughly background checked, including a valid and up to date DBS. 

Are your eleven plus tutors local to Clitheroe?

At Skipton Tutors, we only provide local tutors that are familiar to the area and therefore understand the local area. All of our 11 plus tutors in Clitheroe are fully qualified to tutor for the 11 plus entrance exam at Clitheroe Royal Grammar School. 

How do I book an 11 plus tutor in Clitheroe?

Call or email us and we will discuss the the 11 plus tuition we provide and what it requires to pass the Clitheroe Grammar 11 plus exam. 

Do your tutors have a high pass rate?

Yes all of our 11 plus tutors have a high pass rate and they are all specialist 11 plus tutors. 

Do your tutors travel and is it cheaper for us to travel to you?

Yes our tutors travel but due to the popularity of our service, spaces with tutors who travel are booked up very quickly and therefore at the start of the academic year we are usually only left with tutors who work from home. Our fees don't change regardless of who travels. 

When should my child start with their 11 plus tuition?

We advise around 9-12 months worth of one to one tuition for the Clitheroe 11 plus entrance exam in order to give enough time to cover all aspect of the exam. 

What content does the Clitheroe 11 pluis exam contain?

The Royal Clitheroe 11 plus exam is set by GL assessment and contains a maths paper, English and verbal reasoning paper. The content for these exams sits outside the curriculum for the most part but having a solid understanding of KS2 maths and English will really help. 

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Clitheroe Eleven Plus Tutors Feedback

Below is a sample of feedback received from parents and students who have used our tuition service. 


Mags Conroy
GCSE Science and 11 Plus 

I am so very happy to have an opportunity to feedback about skipton tutors. My 17 year old daughter has had GCSE tuition over the past 2 years following a period of absence from school. Oliver managed to coax my daughter back into education and...

Fay Dutton
QTS Numeracy Test

Thank you for all your help with my QTS numeracy test. I would definitely recommend Skipton Tutors to anyone struggling with maths it really helped pinpoint areas I was having issues with...

Katie Wooley
GCSE English 

I passed! I got the C I needed and I checked the score board and I was way over the pass mark. So thank you for all your help. I meant to contact you earlier but I had work till 8. My brother didn't get his English and he's going...

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