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Qualified Teacher Learning and Skills

Skipton tutors introduction:

Skipton tutors offer exceptional Maths, English and Science related tuition based in and around Skipton and the surrounding areas! We provide 1-on-1 tuition to amplify the learners experience and learning capability. Our exceedingly qualified teachers are there to ensure learners are prepared with all the revision and learning materials necessary for success during their upcoming exams.

QTLS Introduction

QTLS is a status recognised nationwide that allows teachers, trainers and professionals to work in the education and training sectors. Successfully obtaining QTLS demonstrates your status as a professional teacher or trainer. You would learn a valuable skill set that improves your knowledge and builds confidence. In brief, QTLS is an amazing route to achieving an Advanced Teacher Status (ATS) to become a master teacher or trainer.

Is QTLS the same as QTS?

Qualified Teacher and Learning Skills (QTLS) is equivalent to the QTS status for teaching in schools, although seen as very alike, they are often comparable to one another in teaching.

How do I achieve QTLS?

To achieve a QTLS, it's highly important you meet all the criteria before applying. QTLS applicants will need to have acquired an official qualification for Maths and English at Level 2 (Grade C) and above, or a Functionals Skills level 2 qualification in order to be accepted. Maths Made Easy (MME) is an outstanding provider for Maths and English qualifications and can assist you tremendously in succeeding with your exams and continuing on with your QTLS application.

Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

Society for Education and Training (SET) members that hold a QTLS status are indeed eligible to teach in schools across the nation.


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