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Pass My GCSE

Skipton Tutors helps students of all ages with their GCSE maths and English resits. An important part of this process is ensuring we recommend the best GCSE exam booking service, which we believe is Pass My GCSE. This is a service that supports you in finding a test centre with availability whilst also providing revision materials, help articles and online courses to help you prepare for your GCSE exam.

There are a number of reasons why people may be sitting a GCSE exam as a private candidate including not achieving the grade they wanted whilst in school, being an international student or being homeschooled. Whatever your reason for needing to sit a GCSE exam, the Pass My GCSE service can help.

The biggest hurdle to most challenges is starting the challenge and this is certainly the case for GCSE exams and resits. Getting started by registering for the exam gives you the target and goal needed to start your revision. Another advantage to booking early is the fees. With GCSE exams there is always a fee, in school the government pays this for you, but as a private candidate you need to cover the cost. In order to avoid additional fees and late fees for exam registration, it makes sense to book as early as possible and secure your place. Another point to highlight is booking early also ensures you get a place at a centre that is close to you and suits your needs. Many students require reasonable adjustments to their qualifications, things such as additional time for dyslexia and other similar adjustments. In order for exam centres to accommodate this they need to know well in advance to ensure they have the personnel and provision in order to meet your requirements. Once you have booked your exam you can relax into your revision.

As you start to work through the revision materials for your GCSE retake, if you need any additional support at all, just get in touch with Skipton Tutors.


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