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Online Functional Skills Maths

Online Functional Skills Maths Introduction

Online functional skills maths revision is gaining popularity all the time because of its flexibility and convenient format, the Covid-19 pandemic has altered everyone's lives and behaviour that was already shifting towards online learning so the pandemic has only helped speed up the shift to online exams. Now from the comfort of your home you are able to fully enjoy studying by having access to all the materials needed to achieve your functional skills maths qualification, for both level 1 and level 2.

Online Functional Skills Maths Revision

Readily available revision material can be accessed now from online courses to functional skills maths level 2 past papers. At Skipton Tutors we aim to provide learners with online courses for both level 1 and level 2 maths. Additionally we freely give access to past papers and additional resources such as our invaluable pre-assessment. Skipton tutors pre-assessment takes learning to the next step by working you through a series of questions similar to exam questions, and highlights the topic areas you need to improve in order to obtain your qualification. Some learners prefer having physical copies to revise from and we cater to that request by having products that you can order to be delivered to your home such as exam papers, revision cards and revision guides. When you feel confident with your revision and feel like you're ready to take the exam you book it by calling up and taking the exam from home this is fully explained further below.

Online Functional Skills Maths Exam

Book and take your Functional skills maths exam Online! Skipton tutors are a highly reliable and Ofqual regulated online functional skills maths exams provider. You can take your online exam now and do both the level 2 and level 1 online maths exams from home with online invigilation. Our level 2 courses are GCSE equivalent qualifications. Due to its popularity it's taken by thousands of learners each year from adult learners to school leavers and enables learners to apply to University courses and improves chances of employment, The Frequently asked questions located below will answer the most popular questions learners tend to ask in regards to the online functional skills maths exams.


Will my University accept this qualification?

Universities in the application process look out for a GCSE or equivalent qualification, the most widely accepted GCSE equivalent is a Functional skills maths level 2 qualification

Are the online exams safe?

Yes, taking online exams is actually a safer way to store exams rather than paper. The invigilators who conduct the examinations are very well trained and remain highly vigilant during the exam.

Are the online exams safe?

Online exams are 100 percent safe and the invigilators are highly trained.

Are the online exams safe?

All exams are Ofqual regulated meaning they are UK government certified.

Is an online exam as good as a paper based on?

Yes your certificate will not state it is an online exam as this isn’t relevant, The important part is that you’ve have achieved this qualification

Are the online maths exams official?

Yes they are very official and Ofqual regulated which means they are UK government approved.

If I pass will I get a hard copy of the certificate?

Yes you will receive a digital copy and paper based copy of your certificate which is sent in the post to your house address

Do I have to have special software and be good with computers?

No, basic laptop or PC knowledge is enough you do not need to be tech-savvy

Why should I choose an online functional skills maths test over a centre based exam?

Most people prefer taking online exams as it is more convenient with results being released at a much faster rate so there is no need to travel to a test centre


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