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National Tutoring Programme

Skipton Tutors is part of the MME group who have been selected as a DfE-Approved tuition provider for the National Tutoring Programme. Only schools can participate in this so parents can’t enrol children, it has to be done via their subject teachers. MME is offering NTP tutoring for maths, English and science and this is currently targeted at GCSE aged students but may be expanded in the weeks and months ahead. If you are a parent that is interested in your child receiving some additional support, fully funded through their school, please contact your school directly and ask about MME as a provider.

The following questions go through some of the common things that parents, students and even teachers ask about the National Tutoring Programme.

What is the National Tutoring Programme?

NTP is a government initiative aimed at helping schools access funding for tuition to help improve learning outcomes. It was initially introduced as a way of helping children catch up after the impacts of the pandemic but has since been extended following the acknowledgement of how effective tuition can be.

How does the NTP funding work?

The funding allocated to each school is £162 per pupil eligible for Pupil Premium. This can be spent any student as part of the NTP. The funding is released 3 times throughout the year, September, December and April. Schools can claim 60% of the tuition cost up to a maximum of £18 per hour per student.

Is the NTP tuition online or in person and is it in groups?

There are all sorts of options from in person tuition on a 1-2-1 level to online group lessons. Usually the in-person 1-2-1 tuition will be significantly more expensive than the group sessions.

How does the dfe national tutoring programme make a difference?

The tuition provided through the programme has been shown to have a significant impact on student outcomes with GCSE students in particular benefiting from the scheme.

How does our school enrol for the NTP?

Contact an accredited provider such as MME and they will take you through the steps of what you need to do.

At Skipton Tutors we are here to help with all aspects of the NTP. Get in touch if you would like some help today.


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