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Maths GCSE Equivalency Test

MME can help you if you are preparing for a GCSE maths equivalency test. MME provides revision materials for the test, they can book your exam and help with any information you need prior to the exam. They also provide GCSE equivalency tests for English and science. Here at Skipton Tutors, we provide sessions to help cover the exam content to prepare you.

If you are trying to gain access to teacher training or nursing courses then the maths equivalency test will help you if you require a GCSE qualification in science maths or English. An advantage of this exam compared to the GCSE exam is you can sit the exam at any point and there isn’t as much content to learn. The UK government is responsible for setting the curriculum each year for the equivalency test and the exam provider should provide you with a specification for the exam.

Exam Booking

MME is a provider for the maths GCSE equivalency test so you can book with them. MME is the cheapest provider for the equivalency exams. You can contact them to book your exam or you can book the exam online.

There are mocks that MME provides for the maths equivalency tests that you are able to access. The mock maths equivalency test practice papers are useful since the questions are like the actual papers questions. You will receive the mock papers by Royal Mail who will deliver them straight to your door. The papers also come with the mark scheme so when you have finished the paper, you can mark the exam.


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