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How to get maths GCSE quickly

At Skipton Tutors we support students with all of their academic needs. One of the most common queries we get is how to get a maths GCSE quickly. This isn’t as straightforward as you may think due to the limited number of exam periods for the standard GCSE; however there are alternatives which we will also look to explore in this article.

The GCSE maths exams can be sat in November and May/June and they are always paper based. There are 3 separate exam papers you have to complete and will need to take these in a registered exam center. This will mean attending the exam center on 3 dates at the specified times. As everyone in the country sits the GCSE exams at the same time there is no flexibility with this which is often why many adult learners choose the GCSE alternatives as they tend to be more flexible. The main alternative to the GCSE is functional skills maths level 2. This qualification can be sat from home all year round and like the GCSE is ofqual regulated so it is accepted by Universities and employers as a GCSE equivalent grade C. Results in the paper based exams can take up to 6 weeks whereas the online exams only take a number of days so these tend to be the fastest way to get GCSE maths. The other alternatives that people consider are the GCSE equivalency tests but these tend to be specific to teacher training and are not as widely accepted as the functional skills and GCSE qualifications.

In conclusion, how to get maths GCSE quickly depends on the time of year and how quickly you need the results. The GCSE can only be sat twice a year and the results take around 2-3 months to come back, so in general this is not the best option for people. Instead we see many more adult learners now selecting functional skills as the best and quickest alternative to a GCSE maths qualification. At Skipton Tutors we are here to help with every aspect of your education. Get in touch today for support with your studies.


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