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GCSE Maths Revision Cards

At Skipton Tutors we look to support students in all areas of their learning. This includes recommending the best revision materials and resources to work with. Over the last few years there have been a number of innovations when it comes to revision materials that have been designed to help break down complex problems and topics into manageable chunks of information that students can learn. One resource that is becoming increasingly popular is the GCSE maths revision cards as they are easy to use and encourage small but frequent revision sessions which has been shown to help students to learn more effectively.

GCSE Math revision cards are a great way to learn and revise. As the 2022 GCSE maths exams approach, students will be looking to revise in all sorts of different ways to help them assimilate the vast amounts of information they need to understand and retain. Maths is one of those subjects where there is a lot to learn with different methods and formulae, but you also need to put it into practice to ensure the understanding is their and the new knowledge gained can be applied to different types of exam questions. The MME GCSE maths flashcards that we recommend help with this learning process by breaking each topic down with clear explanations showing the methods that students need to learn. In addition to the methodologies being explained, each revision card has a worked example that shows how to put the method into practice. Once a student has learnt what they need to know and how to use it they can then practice using this knowledge on the example questions that appear on the reverse of each card. Accompanying each set of flashcards is an answer book that details the solutions to each example question so students can work through their answer step by step, mark by mark and see how the correct answer is derived.

At Skipton Tutors we offer specialist 1-2-1 tuition both in person and online for maths, English and science. Our tutors bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience with an aim to deliver exceptional lessons as well as motivate and inspire students to revise smartly outside of the classroom. Contact us today for more information about our service.


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