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GCSE Maths Revision

Skipton Tutors supports our students in many additional ways to the 1-2-1 tuition we provide. As well as setting homework and marking work, we also recommend the best resources. In this week's article we look at how to access the best GCSE maths revision materials outside of lessons to support learning.

GCSE Maths is a bit of a marmite subject, students either love it or hate it. Many students struggle with maths and low confidence in the subject which then demotivates them to work at it. This lack of motivation is compounded by the lack of high quality GCSE maths resources available. There are lots of websites giving access to the past papers and many variations of the past paper questions, but few provide quality revision materials alongside effective practice questions to actually help students to learn. MME Revise is a platform we have supported for a very long time because of the free GCSE maths revision materials they provide. As well as the standard GCSE past paper questions, you can also access detailed revision notes and explanatory methods on every topic in the GCSE curriculum. Once you have grasped a topic you can move onto practice questions before then moving onto exam style questions which mirror the style and format of the exam paper questions without you actually using up the invaluable material that is the past papers. We think that actual past papers should be left as the last thing in a good and effective GCSE maths revision plan. The exam papers will give great practice and highlight any few remaining gaps in knowledge or understanding that remain in the weeks leading up to the exam.

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