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GCSE Maths Questions

At Skipton Tutors we support students in all aspects of their studies. In this week's article we will be focusing on GCSE maths revision and specifically how to access the best GCSE maths questions. Finding the best practice questions to aid in your revision efforts will help better prepare you for the exam. The first source of practice questions that everyone goes to is the past exam papers. Past papers are a great way to find the very best GCSE maths practice questions but be aware they are a very limited resource and also offer the biggest challenge, something that shouldn’t be taken on until you are confident in the topic content. Instead of diving straight into the exam papers Skipton Tutors recommends that you use the MME maths questions by topic which cover the entire specification by exam board.

Once you have collated your practice questions by topic and you are starting to work through them, it is good to get into the right routine. From experience we see students learn best when they look to proactively correct their mistakes which means writing up their corrections. This process involves answering questions by topic, marking them using the mark schemes provided or alternatively asking your tutor to mark them and provide feedback. Once you have worked through the feedback you can then collect the key notes into a short summary that you add to as you work through other areas of the course.These summary notes will be key before moving onto the past papers as they will enable you to recap the question types and specific method points you need to brush up on before attempting the exam papers.

Once you have moved onto the past papers then the next part is similar to the first part. You should ensure each paper is marked and worked through prior to moving onto the next. This way you will get exposure to all of the different types of GCSE maths questions and also learn from your mistakes along the way. At Skipton Tutors we are here to help each and every student to work through the GCSE maths course. Contact us today if you or your child wants help with a GCSE maths qualification.


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