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GCSE Biology Revision

Skipton Tutors supports learners with maths, English and Science related subjects. This includes selecting the best resources to support students with their studies. This week we are looking at GCSE Biology revision materials. The best resources usually contain the notes to revise, practice questions and past papers. Effective revision is usually about making a solid plan and then having the motivation to stick to it.

One of the common mistakes that students make when revising GCSE Biology, is moving straight to the past papers before they confidently know the content. The issue with this is it knocks confidence and uses up one of the most valuable resources. GCSE Biology revision should involve learning the key facts with the ability to recall them. Once you have this foundation knowledge it is then about practising applying it with practice questions. Doing worksheet questions first before finally moving onto past papers is advised. This will help to build up confidence with applying the new knowledge to different situations, scenarios and contexts.

Once you have moved onto the GCSE Biology past papers, then it is key to learn from your mistakes. After completing each paper, mark it and write up the errors you have made. Go back over the key topic areas where you dropped marks, trying to ensure you don’t make the same mistake again. Following this, you move on to the next past paper and repeat the same process again. Over the course of a number of exam papers you should start to see the general up trend. Don’t worry if your mark drops from paper to paper, it is the general trend of the series of papers that is more significant. Following completion of the exam papers you should start to feel more confident and ready to sit your actual GCSE Biology exams.

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