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GCSE Biology Revision

At Skipton tutors we support students with maths, English and science related subjects. This week we are focussing on GCSE biology revision. Biology is a subject that some students enjoy and others really struggle with. There are many facts to learn but fewer mathematical problems to solve in Biology compared to the other sciences. The key to success with GCSE biology is to ensure a student has well organised notes and access to the best resources. At Skipton Tutors we support students with preparing for their biology exams through the provision of 1-2-1 tuition but also recommending the best GCSE biology revision materials.

There are a plethora of biology resources out there and it can be quite challenging to find which ones will be the most effective. Different factors can feed into what resources are best at what time. To begin your revision your journey it is best to start with revising the subject, this may include working through or revision guide or online revision notes, like those on MME. Once you have a grasp of a topic, the best way to reinforce the knowledge is to undertake practice questions and practice retrieving the information as this helps to embed the understanding. Once a student has completed a number of questions and gains confidence in a topic it is then time to move onto exam style questions where application of knowledge is then tested. This is where contextualised questions involving different types of scenarios occur and you have to work out what the question is actually asking and what knowledge it is testing. The final step of your GCSE biology revision journey is to move onto the biology past papers.

Our Skipton Tutors are here to help each and every student with their GCSE Biology. We have tutors who specialise in each of the major exam boards AQA, OCR and Edexcel. Contact us today if you are looking for support with GCSE biology, please get in touch today.


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