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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Online

At Skipton Tutors we look to help all learners, young and old, with all things functional skills related. We also have a team of specialist tutors to help support our students through this vital qualification.

Functional skills maths level 2 is a GCSE equivalent qualification needed for those who haven’t already got a GCSE grade C or level 4, but also for those who have lost their GCSE certificate. The level 2 qualification can be used to gain entry into University as well as improve employment chances. When studying to pass the exam, learners look to find support online in terms of resources, advice, study tips as well as booking the exam. This article is intended to help you find all the best functional skills maths level 2 online resources as well as enable you to actually book your examination.


How do I book a functional skills maths level 2 online exam?

You can book an online functional skills maths level 2 exam through a number of service providers, but few are properly Ofqual regulated and have a dedicated functional skills service. For these reasons we recommend booking the exam with Pass Functional Skills who are both affordable and specialists in all things functional skills.

What functional skills maths online resources are there?

There are a number of websites offering all sorts of maths content from BBC bitesize to Maths Made Easy, but to be honest none of them actually cover the functional skills maths level 2 curriculum in its entirety giving students everything they need. However, the following link will take you to a dedicated revision page that has everything on it.

What if I want to take a self-study functional skills maths level 2 online course?

If you want to study in your own time and take a level 2 maths online course then there is also this option as well. You can work through all the topic areas, with revision videos, practice questions and mock exam practise.

Skipton Tutors is here to help with all your functional skills maths level 2 online needs. Contact us today for more information.


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