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Functional Skills Maths Level 2 Book

At Skipton Tutors we aim to support learners of all ages with the different qualifications they pursue; with our focus primarily being in maths and English. Functional skills has become the most popular alternative to a GCSE due to its flexibility making it more accessible for adult learners. The first step on the functional skills journey is to get access to the best resources and many people start with a book! In this blog we explore why a functional skills maths level 2 book is a good idea and where best to access them.

A good functional skills maths revision guide offers everything you need to start your revision and learn the key methods to all of the topics that could come up in the exam. A good functional skills maths book offers a great way to structure your revision and start working through all of the essential topics. After introducing the topic, a revision guide then presents the opportunity to have a go at practice questions and test your understanding. The following blog lists and summaries two of the best functional skills maths books that we are also happy to endorse.

If you want to buy these books directly off amazon, you can and you will also benefit from next day delivery. In addition to the functional skills maths books there are a myriad of other useful resources that we would recommend from level 2 revision cards to functional skills past papers. If you are looking for support with your functional skills maths or any other maths, science or English related subject, contact Skipton Tutors today for help and support.


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