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Functional Skills Initial Assessment

At Skipton Tutors we support all of our students with access to the best resources as well as providing the best 1-2-1 tuition across both functional skills maths and English. This week we are looking at the functional skills initial assessments that are available to complete online. The initial assessments, sometimes called diagnostic assessments, are to determine what level of functional skills course you should enrol on. Following the initial assessment you will then do a pre-assessment which determines the topics you need to work on within that course. If you are looking to attend a college and need a level 2 qualification then an initial assessment will be mandatory and will be done under exam conditions as the result of this will be used to determine the course you are put on the government funding available.

The reformed functional skills maths initial assessment can be accessed directly through the page we have linked. Here you will be able to register for free to complete both types of diagnostic tests for maths and English. Once you have completed the diagnostics you can then move onto the course materials. Ensuring you have access to the very best functional skills resources is essential in making sure you prepare effectively for your final exam. This all starts with the initial assessment, but doesn’t end there. Once you have worked through the course and are feeling confident about your functional skills, it will be time to complete the mock tests. As the functional skills exams tend to have quite a narrow range of pass marks, if you are achieving above 60% in the level 2 exams you should feel confident about booking your final exam.

Skipton Tutors is here to help with all things functional skills. As well as providing specialist tuition, we also provide insight into the best ways to revise and prepare for exams. Keep up to date with our latest help articles by visiting the Skipton Tutors website each week.


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