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Functional Skills English Level 2 Exams

Skipton Tutors provides 1 to 1 tuition for people who are looking at getting a GCSE equivalent qualification. Functional skills English level 2 is an option if you are looking at getting an English GCSE equivalency. Many people require this qualification for higher education courses, employment or to help them progress to the next stage in their career. Functional skills courses are often searched when people are looking at undergoing a level 2 qualification. This will help you have a better understanding about the exam.

We work with MME who help provide the best functional skills English level 2 support and help book your exam. You can contact MME via the phone 020 3633 5145 or via email where they will help you with your enquiry and give you advice on what exam is best for you. Once the exam has been picked, we will supply you with functional skills resources. We have revision materials that will help you for your exam even if you are taking it with Edexcel or City and Guilds functional skills qualification or any other exam boards.

Booking a functional skills English level 2 online exam can be daunting but we are here to help you throughout the process. You can book your exam by calling MME or through the online booking system. The online English functional skills exam is made up of 3 exams. The first exam is reading, the second exam is writing, the final exam is listening, speaking and communicating. To pass the functional skills exam, you need to pass all 3 of the exams. If however you aren’t successful in one of the exams, you don’t have to resit all 3 exams, you only resit the exam that you struggled with.

If you feel confident to take the exam, you can book an online functional skills English level 2 exam without revising through us. MME gives you the cheapest online exam providers and the fastest turnaround time for your results. We understand that you might need this qualification soon for University or employment and that is why we work alongside MME. This qualification is Ofqual regulated, therefore it is approved by the UK government.


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