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Functional Skills Courses

In today's competitive job market, a strong foundation in English and maths is crucial. Whether you're aiming for an apprenticeship, applying to university, or seeking new job opportunities, securing a Functional Skills qualification can help you achieve your goals. At Skipton Tutors, we recommend the functional skills courses provided by Pass Functional Skills. They offer comprehensive resources to help you succeed. Read on to discover more.

Understanding Functional Skills

Functional skills are practical abilities in English and maths that universities and employers consider essential. They cover areas like communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Earning these qualifications demonstrates proficiency in these core skills, which are vital for success in education and the workplace.

Advantages of Online Functional Skills Courses

Online functional skills courses offer accessibility and flexibility. Pass Functional Skills provides courses that are ideal for those with busy lives, allowing learners to study at their own pace. The courses help you monitor your progress and identify areas needing improvement.

Courses Offered by Pass Functional Skills

Pass Functional Skills offers comprehensive courses in English and maths to provide you with the necessary qualifications for your next step. Each course contains revision materials, hundreds of practice questions, and mock exams. Taking initial assessments and subject knowledge assessment before starting the course will guide you in choosing the right level and topics.

Topics are structured according to government specifications and include video tutorials, practice questions, and topic tests to ensure mastery of each concept.

Functional Skills Equivalents

When applying for jobs, apprenticeships, or university programs, English and maths GCSEs (or their equivalent) are often required. Although GCSE exams are an option, functional skills qualifications provide a more efficient pathway. A level 2 functional skills certificate is equivalent to a grade C/4 in GCSEs. Pass Functional Skills offers online exams throughout the year, offering a convenient alternative to traditional in-person exams.


Functional skills courses are a flexible option for anyone pursuing higher education or exploring new career paths. They offer nationally recognised qualifications that can open new doors. The courses offered by Pass Functional Skills will equip you with the skills needed to excel in your exams and move forward with confidence.


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