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Functional Skills Courses

At Skipton Tutors we help learners of all ages progress with their studies. Increasingly popular qualifications to study are the functional skills courses. These courses in maths and English are GCSE equivalents that can be used for many things. Firstly, University courses accept functional skills as a GCSE as do all employers. In order to finish an apprenticeship programme you also require the functional skills if you don’t already have a GCSE in maths and English to at least grade C. Therefore, whatever you are looking to do whether it is to apply to the police or become a nurse, the functional skills courses are going to be essential for these applications.

There are a number of functional skills course providers out there but it is essential you check that they are Ofqual regulated. The maths and English courses we recommend are always Ofqual regulated and have a proven record of success. As part of the maths and English functional skills courses you work through a number of exercises, practice questions and exam questions. You will also have access to video tutorials that will explain how to complete each exercise.

Frequently asked questions:

Will the functional skills maths course you offer help me to pass?

Yes, the courses we recommend have excellent pass rates. As long as you put the effort in you should expect to pass.

How long do the functional skills courses take to complete?

Depending on the course, the recommended study time is usually around 50 hours per qualification, so 50 hours for maths and 50 hours for English.

Can I do the course from home?

Yes the courses we recommend are home study so you can do them in your own time.

Will I be able to get into University with this?

Yes, as long as the qualification is Ofqual regulated it will be accepted as a GCSE equivalent everywhere.

What is the functional skills level 2 equivalent to?

A GCSE grade C or now a level 4.


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