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Functional Skills Course

Skipton Tutors helps all learners of all abilities. A big part of our focus in recent years has been supporting adult learners with getting enrolled onto their chosen functional skills course. We do this by evaluating the needs of each student before then selecting a pathway that works for them and their daily commitments such as work and looking after children. Sometimes the key is speed, whereby a learner needs to complete a course and exam in a matter of weeks for a job or University application deadline.

Functional skills courses are often designed for individuals who did not acquire GCSE qualifications in school or want to improve them to meet the requirements of their job or career. They can be offered at various levels, from entry-level to level 2, and can be taken in a variety of settings, including the online format which is becoming increasingly popular due to the convenience and speed of results.

Functional skills courses are sometimes taught through a combination of classroom-based learning, practical exercises, and assessments but most people do not have the flexibility to attend college multiple times a week and so the online option is the one that most learners now go for. The courses cover a wide range of topics, such as writing skills for English and percentages for maths. As well as preparing you for the formal level 2 qualifications the functional skills courses also help you to improve the everyday skills that help you to further your career.

At Skipton Tutors we look to support learners with finding the best functional skills course for them. We also provide tuition services to help support this learning alongside the course. If you are looking for support with a functional skills course, whether you are at college or studying independently online, we are here to help.


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