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Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

Skipton Tutors supports students to get their GCSE or functional skills (a GCSE equivalent) in both maths and English. For those who have struggled to achieve a level 4 in GCSE and for adult learners, we recommend taking functional skills level 2 instead of the GCSE as overall there is less content to cover and the exams process is much more efficient being able to take it from home at any time during the year. As functional skills level 2 is a GCSE equivalent level 4, it is accepted by Universities, employers and apprenticeships. The first step to completing a level 2 qualification is taking a functional skills diagnostic assessment. This is a short test to determine what level a student is currently at. Often colleges use this as a measure to determine whether a learner needs to sit a level 1 qualification first before moving onto level 2. However, for those students studying from home, we would recommend studying for the level 2 qualification in most instances, even if you have a relatively low diagnostic assessment score.

Skipton Tutors is always looking to provide and recommend the best resources. When it comes to functional skills diagnostic tests for maths and English, this means recommending the free tests that are available on the Pass Functional Skills website. This is the only service to offer a comprehensive free diagnostic tool that we believe is far superior to the other diagnostics out there. For colleges, apprenticeship training providers and other educators, demonstrating current level and then progress made is a key part showing the support provided to each and every learner. The level 2 diagnostic tests for maths and English that we have recommended provide a more accurate measurement of current level which can then be used to show distance traveled by each learner as they progress through their course. This makes this initial diagnostic test a must use for both students and training providers.

Whether you are looking for a functional skills tutor in Skipton, or you have a child that needs support with their GCSEs, Skipton Tutors is here to help.


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