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Fast Track Functional Skills

Fast track functional skills maths and English are sometimes essential for people to meet the requirements for a new job offer, promotion, apprenticeship or University place. At Skipton Tutors we are here to help students to get these qualifications no matter how fast they need them.

The fast track functional skills maths level 2 service we recommend enables you to book and take your exam in a matter of days and get your results back within a matter of weeks. You can book the exam directly online or call the support team number who will look to help. You can also take a fast track functional skills English level 2 exam through this service. The main thing to note is that these examinations are Ofqual regulated and will be accepted by employers, Universities and apprenticeship schemes that require you to obtain a GCSE equivalent to a grade C or level 4 in the new system

One of the key things to remember is that even if you are taking a fast track functional skills exam, you still need to prepare as effectively as possible with the little time you have. If anything, the preparation time is even more important when you have a fast track exam as every day of revision will really count. One of the things students can do is complete a pre-assessment or diagnostic test which highlights the topics you need to work on before you then revise the specific areas you are performing worst on. After some topic revision then moving onto past papers is the next logical step. It is essential you have done some functional skills past papers for your exam board before going into the exam so you know what format to expect as well as the style of question that is asked which can differ a little from board to board.

For any help with your functional skills maths level 2 fast tracking or your English exam, then get in touch with Skipton Tutors today, we will be happy to help.


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