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Equivalency Testing Price

At Skipton Tutors we work with prospective trainee teachers to help them get onto an initial teacher training course. As part of the requirements of becoming a teacher you have to have a GCSE in maths and English to a grade C or level 4. For international students and those who do not have a GCSE in maths and English, a GCSE equivalency is usually the best route to meeting the required criteria.

When looking at different equivalency test providers there are a number of considerations to make including the equivalency testing price for exams and courses. It is worth noting that there is often a large difference in cost between the two main providers. In addition to price, learners should ensure that they get the best course and support that is right for them. Most equivalency courses offer access to exam papers, revision notes and practice questions. If a learner needs support working through these materials as part of their exam preparation then Skipton Tutors is here to help.

At Skipton Tutors we help prepare learners for their GCSE equivalency exams through 1-2-1 tuition and provision of the best advice and resources. We help them to find the best equivalency testing price, support them with booking into their exam and then provide the best support we can to help them pass.


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