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Entry Level 3 Maths

At Skipton Tutors we look to help every student no matter what their age, background or level of ability. In order to progress through the functional skills maths qualifications, some learners will be asked to study entry level 3 maths. As well as supporting students with this we also support tutors and teachers with resources to help teach.

The entry level 3 maths revision materials we recommend include everything a teacher and student needs to cover the curriculum. The topics are set out in one large table covering everything from bar charts to weights. For each topic students can click through to the revision page for that topic where they will find useful revision notes, practice questions and model solutions. On the main revision page students and tutors will also be able to access worksheet questions and mark scheme answers. These are arguably the most valuable resource as they provide practice questions to exam standard and in exam format. Additionally, once a worksheet has been completed, the mark scheme answers can be used to determine where each mark is awarded.

Once the online entry level 3 maths resources have been used then students may want to move onto the entry level past papers. These give you an accurate representation of what the actual exams are like and again the mark schemes can be used to see where each mark is awarded. Once a learner is feeling confident with the past papers and are achieving the pass mark, then it is sensible to look at booking the entry level 3 exam. Beyond entry level, is functional skills. Once the entry level has been completed most students move onto functional skills maths level 1 but can go straight to level 2 if they wish. Most colleges will encourage progression through each level but learners can study independently and cover the level that is best for them. At Skipton Tutors we help all learners across all functional skills levels.


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