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BCU Equivalency Test

The BCU equivalency test is for those who want to apply for teacher training programmes at Skipton Tutors. The BCU equivalency test does not apply to other universities or alternative paths to beginning teacher education. Because the BCU is an internally set exam that hasn't been externally reviewed or standardised, there's no way of knowing if the material is at GCSE level or if the pass marks are related to GCSE grade limits in any way. A BCU equivalency exam score is not equal to a GCSE, and it cannot be used for anything other than admission to BCU's teacher training PGCE courses.


Who has to sit the BCU equivalency test?

Those without a GCSE in Maths, English or Science may be required to take a BCU equivalency exam in order to be admitted to their PGCE programmes.

Will my training provider accept a BCU equivalency test result?

No, you should choose another equivalency provider if you are not applying to BCU

What is the cost of a BCU equivalency test?

The price varies based on the subjects and the number of tests you must take. BCU also has a set administrative fee that must be paid in advance before any examination can be scheduled

What is in the BCU maths equivalency test?

The BCU mathematical equivalency exam includes some of the most important GCSE topics, however it is not based on any official GCSE standard or exam board.

What is in the BCU English equivalency test?

Although the examination covers elements of the GCSE English language standard, it is neither linked or benchmarked to any particular exam board.

What is in the BCU Science equivalency test?

Topics for the AQA combined science test. Although it is unclear why some topics were picked, and the page URLs supplied on the BCU website do not appear to correctly connect with the subject matter indicated, the following topics appear to be addressed.

Cell Biology

Transport in Cells



Atomic Structure

Periodic Table


Rates of reaction



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