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Maths Functional Skills

At Skipton Tutors we offer the very best maths and English tuition service. This includes helping people to prepare for their functional skills exams. Often people take functional skills exams if they require a GCSE or equivalent qualification. Functional skills maths enhances employment prospects and helps people to gain access onto university courses. Additionally, those who are completing apprenticeships often must pass a functional skills maths exam in order to continue with their training programme. There are many reasons why someone may need to study for functional skills exam and at Skipton Tutors we are here to help them.

Our functional skills tutors are specialists in each subject area. We help our students to prepare for functional skills maths level 2 online exams which can be sat at home and are more convenient than the paper-based exams. As well as working through the functional skills maths level 2 past papers, our tutors will identify gaps in knowledge and provide additional materials to help fill those gaps. It is often the case that leaners have a low attainment rate in previous maths courses or exams and as a result have little to no confidence at all. Maths is often a subject that people either really like or really struggle with it. With functional skills it tends to be the case that most learners struggle with maths and need help to build confidence to tackle the basic concepts that are so key in helping overcome the more challenging topic areas. At Skipton Tutors our aim is to help every learner, regardless of age or background, to overcome the challenges presented by functional skills maths exams. Contact us today to book a tutor or book to enquire about booking an exam.

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