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How to Become a Tutor

Becoming a private tutor can offer many benefits including experiencing the joy of watching someone learn and develop as well benefiting from the additional income this can provide. At Skipton Tutors we offer an exceptional private tuition service, offering both in person and online tutors. We work with qualified, experienced and DBS checked tutors. In order to become a private tutor you need to have a number of qualities and be prepared to put in the time to properly get set up, it is not just a case of turning up to lessons and delivering content. The following highlights some of the key things requited to be a successful private tutor: • Subject knowledge is essential - Not only do you need to know your subject, you specifically need to know the exam board specifications to ensure you adapt your knowledge in a way that will enable students to gain marks in exams. • Professional set up – You will need to ensure you get set up in a way that enables you to manage your students, know what they have covered, feedback to parents what their strengths and weaknesses are and provide additional resources. • Resources – Making sure you know where to access and where to recommend students to is key. • DBS checks – Some parents will ask for a DBS check and a key part of becoming a private tutor is getting a DBS check to give parents the peace of mind they are looking for but it also demonstrates a professional approach. • Time – You will need to spend time preparing lessons and getting up to speed with the entire exam specs.

Becoming a private tutor isn’t easy, especially if you want to build a profile and potentially a business from it.

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