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Maths Worksheets

During the pandemic, getting access to the very best resources whilst home learning has been the aim of all parents and proactive students. At Skipton Tutors we are pleased to be part of a team that help to build the very best maths resources, and in particular maths worksheets.

Via the following links you can access the very best home learning resources:

- Free GCSE maths worksheets that can be downloaded or printed from the internet.

- Printable maths worksheets for KS3 students and teachers.

Whilst working from home it is crucial to set a structure for children that they can stick to and work with. Routines and work schedules really help to break up the day and set expectations of what work needs to be covered. Maths worksheets are a really useful tool for fitting into that structure as they provide a set amount of maths questions set out in a topic by topic way so that students can work through them and mirror what they have been learning about. Worksheets are a good way of putting into practise what has been learnt but at the same time highlighting areas of a topic that still require some input.

At Skipton Tutors we continue to work with parents, students and tutors to provide the very best in private tuition. As part of our online maths tuition, we have restructured our lessons to ensure that they can be delivered as effectively as in person tuition but via video call with the use of whiteboard software. For most students the new types of lessons have proven to be very useful.

To book a private maths tutor, contact Skipton Tutors today.

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