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A Level Maths Papers

As the A level maths exams approach more and more students will be looking at past papers and realising that there is only 1 available set of papers for the new specification. The old Edexcel A level maths past papers from the previous specification are still useful up to a certain point as some of the topics are similar, but the style of question in the new exams seem to have changed considerably. Teachers are also facing the same issue as they have fewer resources to pull on. In previous years when there were many past paper questions to practise from, tutors and teachers would use them as a question bank to set questions and give students exposure to exam style questions early on, but now this isn't happening we are seeing students understanding concepts but struggling to apply them to exam questions. One solution to this is to look for additional A level maths papers that are targeted at the new spec. There are multiple exam boards from AQA to Edexcel, OCR and MEI, so you could look to pull questions from the other exam boards which is a useful exercise as long as you ensure they are relevant to the course being covered. Our other suggestion is to look at the MME A level maths predicted papers which are an excellent resource for exam style questions that are set out in the exam format.

As the years go by, there will of course be more and more exam papers released, but for the next few years at least, there will be distinct lack of resource to pull on and until more papers are released it is difficult to know which past paper questions and other resources match the new style of question. At Skipton Tutors we help each and every A level maths student we tutor to access the very best resources and exam questions. If you are looking for a maths tutor in Skipton, then please don't hesitate to give us a call.

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