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Functional Skills Qualifications

What is the level 2 function skills for maths?

If you have not sat or achieved a GCSE in maths you may be required to sit a functional skills in maths for a university place or particular job role. If you are considering studying for a functional skills maths qualification, you may want to know a little bit about it before committing to a terms study. Functional skills maths can be studied instead of GCSE maths and is now widely accepted by employers and universities as suitable alternative. At Maths Made Easy we help many school leavers and young adults to obtain their functional skills maths qualifications via our dedicated service and expert in person functional skills tutors. Many people sit the functional skills maths as it includes maths questions for everyday situations which makes it much easier to understand and apply. Functional skills start at level 1 and works up through the levels with each one becoming more challenging. Many people go straight for the functional skills maths level 2 which is the most popular choice because it equates to the same level of GCSE maths. At Maths Made Easy we can help you to obtain your functional skills maths level 2 through our dedicated service and functional skills expert tutors. Here at Skipton Tutors, we offer in person private tuition for the functional skills maths qualification. So whether you are sitting the functional skills level 2 or would like help preparing for your functional skills assessments, get in touch today to book your functional skills expert tutor.

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