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Numeracy Skills Test Book

Skipton Tutors works in conjunction with QTS Numeracy Tutor. QTS Numeracy Tutor is the UK’s leading provider for tuition, online practice tests and resources for the numeracy skills test. The numeracy skills test is taken by trainee professional teachers in order to obtain official teaching status. This test is designed to be challenging, with tricky mental arithmetic sections, under a timed exam style environment. QTS Numeracy Tutor has recently published its first highly anticipated revision book; ‘Pass your Numeracy Skills Test’. QTS Maths Tutor’s new book has been designed to give applicants the very best chance of passing their numeracy skills test, it covers all of the areas of the test, with a large number of example questions and answers for you to use for practice. The book also offers advice on how best to get the most of the time allotted for each question in the first and second section of the test, as well as what type of questions to look out for that are placed in the test to really challenge the applicant. For the best possible chance of passing your numeracy skills test, come to the experts; QTS Numeracy Tutor. If you need to book a tutor, or would like to try our practice online test, before registering to one of our online resource packages, contact QTS Numeracy Tutor today.

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