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GCSE Maths 9-1 Topic Density

At Skipton Tutors we review each area of the new GCSE Maths 9-1 Course and highlight common mistakes and suggest recommended revision questions. This week we are looking at Density, Mass and Volume, a small subtopic but an important one for many reasons. Density, Mass and Volume questions come up in both GCSE Maths exam papers but also GCSE Physics so are even more important. The density questions often require students to rearrange the formula which is a fundamental GCSE Maths skill that is covered in many algebra based questions.

The most common mistake made on the density questions is units, units and more units. The questions will often give you values in mixed units so the mass in grams and the volume in cm3 and you then have to find the density in Kg/m3 which means you have to convert the units before completing the calculation. As the density equation only has 3 variables the rearrangement of the equation that you may sometimes have to do it straight forward and is essential skill for so many other subtopics within the GCSE syllabus. The rearranging of the density formula is a level 4 topic at GCSE and therefore all candidates would be expected to be able to do this. For those students who struggle with algebra and formula rearranging you can always revert back to using formula triangles if this helps.

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