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Professional QTS Skills Test Updates and Changes

The numeracy skills test is one of the specialisms that Skipton Tutors teaches for. This numeracy and literacy skills tests have to be passed by aspiring teachers in order to gain entry on to their respective teacher training courses and subsequently achieve qualified teacher status.

This week has seen the largest change to the professional skills tests in over 5 years. Until now candidates could only sit the skills tests a maximum of 3 times each with failure to pass resulting in a 2 year suspension where they were unable to take the tests again. This resulted in thousands of people turning their backs on education as a professional career and choosing to pursue other things. This change now means more people will be applying for teacher training courses this coming year. It will also mean a significant increase in people taking the QTS Skills Tests again. At Skipton Tutors we are ready to help those that need it. Our expertise in both the literacy and numeracy skills test are unrivalled in the local area. Whether you are looking for a numeracy skills test tutor in Leeds to Skipton, we can help. We also have access to the very best QTS Skills Test resources.

For a full breakdown of all the professional skills test changes visit the QTS Maths Tutor blog.

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