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11 Plus Results

At Skipton Tutors we offer specialist 11 plus tuition in to children in Skipton and the surrounding villages and towns. We provide 11 plus tuition for Ermysted's Grammar and Skipton Girls' High School as well as tuition for Royal Clitheroe Grammar. Recently the results for the North Yorkshire 11 plus exams have been released and we are pleased to report that we have had more success this year than ever before with the vast majority of our 11 plus pupils passing. We have had a number of tutors with a 100% success rate and others very close. At Skipton Tutors we have a community of 11 plus tutors who share best practises as well as resources and as such enables them to help each other provide the best level of 11 plus tuition. It also means that we offer a consistently high level of tuition regardless of which tutor your child is placed with. We believe that part of our success is the rigorous selection process we have as well as the 11 plus training that all of our tutors must undergo in order to provide the tuition. If you are thinking about 11 plus coaching for your son or daughter then ensure you book early as our waiting list for 2018 is growing quickly and spaces are always limited. Parents often have many questions when it comes to the 11 plus which is why we have two dedicated 11 plus pages:

The Skipton Tutors 11 plus page details things such as what the 11 plus exams entail as well as frequently asked questions.

The Skipton Tutors 11 Plus mock exam page which informs parents about the 11 plus mock tests that we run and details all of the information about these including dates and locations.

Whether you are looking for an 11 plus tutor in Skipton, or you want to enter a formal 11 plus mock examination, Skipton Tutors can help.

For More Infromation on our tutoring services in the Skipton area then...

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