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11 Plus Tuition for Emrysted's and Skipton Girls'

Now is the time of year that many parents consider 11 Plus Tuition as the Ermysted's Grammar and Skipton Girls' High School tests are taking place along with 11 plus exams for many other schools across Yorkshire and Lancashire. Many parents are unaware of the demand for 11 plus tuition in the local Skipton area and often leave it quite late to book a tutor. At Skipton Tutors we have a number of specialist 11 plus tutors all of whom have been trained to provide the very best tuition. All of our tutors have experience and exceptional pass rates. Many of the 11 plus spaces for Ermysted's and the Girls' High fill up very quickly at the start of the academic year so we all ready have limited availability, especially with tutors who travel out. As the year progresses availability becomes more and more limited until we inevitably become fully booked so parents are advised to book early. Not only that the 11 plus content is for the most part outside of the KS2 curriculum so in order for the tutors to cover all of the different questions types that arise in the tests they require around 10-12 months of 1 hour a week lessons. This gives time to comprehensively cover the course and to have exam practice as well.

If you are thinking about 11 plus tuition for Skipton Girls' High School or Ermysted's Grammar then get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss how it works in more detail.

For More Infromation on our tutoring services in the Skipton area then...

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