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11 Plus Tuition for Ermysted's and Skipton Girls

At Skipton Tutors we offer expert 11 plus tuition for Skipton Girls' and Emrysted's Grammar school. Many parents thinking about applying for a place at the two Skipton schools are unaware at how competitive the places are and how difficult the 11 plus content is, especially if a child hasn't had much experience of it by the time they sit their 11 plus entrance exam. The 11 plus exams contain Maths, English and problem solving that isn't covered at Key Stage Two and as a result if the students haven't covered this material in depth outside of school lessons then they are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to their 11 plus exams.

At Ermysted's they sit two papers, the verbal reasoning and non-verbal reasoning papers. Both papers are usually quite tricky and the unusual timing aspect to the exams which are split into sections means that exam technique is also a factor. On average boys have around 10-12 months 11 plus tuition to prepare them comprehensively for the exams and in this time all the course material is covered as well as exam technique. Lessons tend to last an hour and homework is set to compliment what has been covered that week.

At Skipton Girls' High School there are three papers which include Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning. The Maths paper is notoriously difficult with many girls scoring below 50% in their 11 plus mock exams. Many of the Maths questions in particular get up to GCSE Maths standard which makes effective preparation for the 11 plus even more important. Like the boys, the girls tend to perform better after having 10-12 months of private 11 plus tuition as opposed to group lessons which do not focus on the individual.

If you are looking for an 11 plus tutor in Skipton, then Skipton Tutors is the only agency to have a number of specialist 11 plus tutors, all of whom have been trained to offer the best possible private tuition giving our students the edge when it comes to the final exams. Contact us today for more information about our 11 plus tuition service.

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