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GCSE English Re-Sits

At Skipton Tutors we appreciate that not everyone will have had access to expert GCSE English tuition last year and may not have received the grades they desired on the 24th of August and may be in a position where they have to undertake a GCSE English resit in order to progress on to further education. With most education providers under extreme financial pressure, less and less resource is being put into teaching for GCSE English resits, resulting in students actually receiving fewer hours of classroom teaching and English GCSE support than in the previous year when they actually failed their exam. We believe that most students who have previously failed their GCSE English exam actually need more support not less which is reflected in the national GCSE resit passes which are exceptionally low showing that 9 out of 10 students go on to fail their GCSE English again. We think that all students should set up for success and if they aren't getting the support they need from school then Skipton Tutors can fill that void. Our expert GCSE English tutors have years of experience of helping students from all backgrounds and abilities to pass their GCSE English exams. This last year we have recruited another exceptionally experienced GCSE English tutor in Skipton who has a proven track record of helping under achievers make it through their GCSE English resits with success. If you or your child is thinking about GCSE English tuition to help with a GCSE English resit then contact Skipton Tutors today and we will be happy to discuss how our tuition can help.

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