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Numeracy Skills Test update

At Skipton Tutors we strive to provide the best tuition service in the local area and beyond. As a part of this aim, we are always looking for new materials to best support our students. Since our partnership with QTS Maths Tutor we have been able to provide by far the most comprehensive numeracy skills test preparation available anywhere. Our experienced numeracy skills tutors have been using the QTS Maths Tutor platform as part of our numeracy skills test tuition. Over the past 6 weeks the platform has really evolved into something exceptional. As a member of QTS Maths Tutor you get access to 21 practice numeracy skills tests which offer the following features:

  • A mental arithmetic section with 12 questions followed by 16 written questions in the same format as the real numeracy skills test set by learndirect.

  • Interactive numeracy skills tests with online answer submission just like the real exam.

  • Features such as the 25% extra time to cater for all prospective teachers.

  • Additional features such as 'Practice Mode' which enables users to practice the numeracy skills test questions, pause the timer and skip from one section to another in whatever order they want. This is really useful when tutoring as it enables you to go directly to the questions a student has got wrong.

  • The answer sheets are really informative, not only do they tell you which questions you have got right or wrong, there is also a final percentage calculation, the correct answer displayed and even the topic in which the question is relevant to.

As well as the 21 practice numeracy skills tests there are also 8 topic revision tests and accompanying model solutions. This is fantastic for students who identify a weakness on a particular question type as it enables them to practise 10 of these questions in a row, helping them to overcome the challenges they were facing. The model solutions add an extra dimension whereby students can see exactly how to get to the correct answer using the most effective mathematical methods. Our partnership with QTS Maths Tutor has resulted in an improved pass rate for our numeracy skills test students with an almost perfect record.

If you are looking for a numeracy skills test tutor in Skipton or if you want to have access to 21 practice numeracy skills tests to help you pass your qts numeracy exam then contact Skipton Tutors today!

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