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Exam Preparation

We are only a matter of weeks before the GCSE exams start which are then closely followed by A Level exams. The coming weeks are very important for our pupils and all students who are preparing for these exams. At Skipton Tutors we have a number of tips to help you get in the right mindset for your exams which include:

1. Aim to be prepared for any of your exams at least 2 weeks before your first exam. This means that as your exams approach you aren't cramming important information too close to the exam.

2. As your exams approach alter your revision approach so that in the week leading up to your first exam you are in a position where you can start to focus in on one or two exams at a time.

3. Have a plan for when you are in the middle of your exams. You may have 3 exams close together, make sure you don't just revise the first of the 3 exams leading up to them, leave an equal amount of time for all three, or focus more on your weaker exam. We find that sometimes students don't look ahead to the 3rd and 4th GCSE exam they have and therefore the preparation between exams can often be not as effective as it could be.

4. Keep your sleeping and eating habits as normal as possible throughout your exams so that your body doesn't experience and sudden changes that could add to stress or stop you from sleeping.

Whether it is the new GCSE Maths exam you are preparing for or A Level English literature, Skipton Tutors is here to help.

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