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Numeracy Skills Tests Live!

Our partner site, QTS Maths, has today published their new website which offers 21 interactive practise tests for the professional skills numeracy test. The numeracy skills test is an exam that prospective teachers have to pass in order to continue with their professional teacher training. Currently there is a real lack of resource out there to help people prepare effectively for the test. We think that the practice QTS tests provided by QTS Maths Tutor are the most effective tests currently available. They reflect the topics covered in the governments guidelines and have a difficulty level that is similar to the practise tests given by the government. If you are currently preparing for your QTS Maths Test, click here to have a go at a free practise numeracy skills test. For all other tuition needs, whether that be GCSE Maths or A Level English, Skipton Tutors is the largest agency in Skipton with the most tutors and students across the area.

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