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Numeracy Skills Test Partners

Skipton Tutors are happy to say we have forged another partnership with a national service which looks to provide the most professional numeracy skills test practise that is available. We have partnered with a site, QTS Maths Tutor, who offer both QTS Maths tuition and access to numeracy skills practise tests. Skipton Tutors, along with our partner agency Harrogate Tutors, have been given free access to the tests for a limited time. We think that our tutees will really benefit from using these tests which are the most authentic practise tests available.

The QTS Maths test is one set by a government affiliated organisation. Prospective teachers have to pass the test in order to progress with their teacher training. Everyone must pass the numeracy skills test in order to gain qualified teacher status. Many people struggle with Maths and the QTS Maths test can be difficult, especially under the time constraints and exam pressure. This is why Skipton Tutors have partnered with a site that can offer a great practise test experience. If you require numeracy skills tuition or you want more information on any of the tuition service we have to offer then please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

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