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11 Plus mock exams in Skipton: Update

At Skipton Tutors we have a dedicated 11 Plus mock page, which outlines the details of our mocks from the style of the papers to the type of examination room we have. We have recently updated the page to include a little more detail about the mocks and why we think they are the most representative 11+ mock exams for Ermysted's, Skipton Girls' High, Clitheroe Grammar and Ripon Grammar. We don't believe that anyone else provides a mock exam experience that closely reflects the 11 plus exams that many students will sit. We think that our mocks offer two unique qualities which are. Firstly, the mock papers are designed specifically for our purposes and are not available in any retailer or through an online distributor so we can guarantee that anyone who sits our mock tests will not have seen any of the questions before. Secondly we have booked an exam hall that is comparable to the type of examination hall that the students will be in when sitting the real thing. Because students of this age have very little if any exam experience, we think that just getting use to exam conditions and familiarising a student with that can help to make them feel less nervous and more comfortable when it comes to the actual exam.

If you are interested in our 11 plus mock exams then please visit our dedicated page for more information and details of how to book.

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